Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a much lighter note...

(rescued 2006)

I never like to leave you all on a negative note, which I know my last post was, but it needed to be said.  Anyway, as I have been busily preparing for my new arrivals from Montana, my faith in mankind has been restored!  First and foremost, I have had multiple offers of help from neighbors and friends, but my family has really stepped up to the plate as well.  One of the cutest calls I got was from my father, who had to deal with my rebellious butt for the first portion of my life and knew there was no stopping me if I was needed in Montana; and he just quietly offered to go along for the ride!  None of the men in my life (Husband, sons or Dad) were too happy about me headed across the country by myself in the middle of winter~to say the least.

My husband too, has been a real gem.  He of course started this whole thing out stating that we could help as long as none of them ended up on his property...Well today he has promised to help me move his plow truck out of his barn and turn it into a temporary llama barn as they will be quarantined away from our boys for quite some time.  All of this without a word being said; I was really smart this time, I just kept forwarding the e-mails that I was getting from my coordinator, how could he resist?

But one of the biggest things was when I went to go pick up a nice load of hay for my new rescues.  I had called my regular hay guy the night before and explained what was going on and since I had become a legal foster home for Southwest Llama Rescue would he maybe want to give me a break on the hay for a tax deduction?  Thursday morning I headed down there, and start picking out the proper hay for starving llamas, not an easy task...when he informs me that the load is FREE, yes, 85 bales of beautiful hay was absolutely free!!!  When I started to cry, he just hugged me and said "Aaaw, don't make an old farm boy cry."

He insisted that he remain anonymous, he said he usually raises the price on his pain in the butt customers.  Trying to be an old tough guy.  I had his ticket.  So I drove up the mountain with my heart a little restored, and ready to take on the task of healing these boys.  I have a wonderful support system that is for sure.


Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Wonderful story.

Love, Dad

Daisy said...

Caring people all around you - this is wonderful.