Monday, December 13, 2010

Here's to you Mom...

Wanted to post a Christmas Carol; and found this one and realized why he used to make all the ladies SWOON!

I'll be busy baking today, and listening to my new CD that my sister gave me, it's beautiful Christmas piano music, it will really inspire me I'm sure.  Have a wonderful day...the countdown is on...but remember, home-made, handmade and bartering are all wonderful ways to Christmas shop (and eco-friendly to boot)!


pshepherd said...

Wow! I feel very honored. What a talented man he was. Thank you. I love you, Mom

lfhpueblo said...

How cool. My Dad looked an awful lot like Elvis when he was young, even short for a guy like Elvis.
Yet, as my Dad aged he Morphed into a Fred Flintstone kind of look, only not a tall Fred Flintstone.
I miss my folks, both in Heaven.
Didn't mind listening to Elvis, I always thought he had a great voice.