Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Being an environmentalist really makes the Christmas Tree debate a personal one for me, especially living right in the middle of the forest and being as passionate about saving trees as I am.  But I know what a HUGE carbon footprint those plastic jobbies leave when they are made and placed in your home.  So where does that leave an environmental steward like me?

We looked high:
And we looked low:

And then we found the most perfect compromise ever!  We took a tree that already needed to be cut down!  This spectacular Colorado Blue Spruce was encroaching on the power lines at The Royal Roost, our "Nest in the Woods" getaway cabin for visitors.
It also was blocking some much needed sunshine from that very same cabin, so we knew it needed to go sooner or later, so I said why not use it for a Christmas Tree and firewood?
So this year, so far, my dreams are coming true.  What is your opinion on the Christmas Tree debate?  What are you doing this year to be green?  Or maybe to save some "Green"?


Tiffany said...

This one's a no-brainer for me. All for the real tree. Cut now or burn later, you know? Our forests are overcrowded as they are. A more natural succession community is 30 stems per acre. We've suppressed fire so long we don't know what a forest is supposed to look like. And those plastic trees are as toxic to the communities who manufacture them as they are to the wild communities who must suffer their refusal to decompose for the next millenium. Hooray for you for getting such a beautiful tree! (-:

Daisy said...

Lovely! I do prefer a real tree, too. We don't get one from the backyard, but we buy from a local service club (The Y's Men; they support the YMCA). After we're done with it, the icefishing club picks it up for marking trails on the lake.