Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the Winner is....

And Rebel Jose!!!
And in rebellion of all the crap these guys went through, here is what I did:

 So, I am happy to report a win win win situation!!!!

After I saw this:
It changed how I look at "animal rescue" forever.
So as I was cutting off the hair off this magnificent creature;
kneeling in the snow and ice,

I secretly hatched a plan...
He was not going to be the only fella losing his locks!

For informational purposes only:  I have chosen Pantene Beautiful Lengths to donate my ponytail to this time.  I have blogged about donating hair before, and thought I'd try something new.  I chose them because I thought they might have a bit of a disadvantage since it is for women only and not for kids.


Pat Shepherd said...

Judy, your hair looks beautiful, and what a wonderful thing to do, once again. I love you, Mom

Tiffany said...

Adorable! And love the new llamas! Also, I do not appreciate the Locks of Love scam, so I love that you found something else to do with your pony! (-;

Royal Ranch said...

Thanks Mom and Tiffany, I'm really enjoying the new "Do" as well as the new llamas! T as for Locks of Love, I too feel pretty strongly about them because I thought they were unappreciative, but a scam...I'd like to hear more about that?!?

lfhpueblo said...

Love the names choosen for the Llamas and cool about you donating your hair.

Royal Ranch said...

Why thank you lfhpueblo, I like the names too!!! But mostly I owe that to my wonderful Rebels!!!! The name Bandit really fits him as he is quite shy and usually peeking out from behind another llama-ha!