Sunday, February 6, 2011

Royal Ranch Royalty


This is Chief...I had introduced him as Big Whitey before.  The spots of war paint are under both eyes...and he always has this look on his face.  The look of not quite trusting, and very aware...He is the Big Chief.  Always on the lookout, and never quite at rest.

This is one of our Montana Large Animal Sanctuary (you know, it galls me to even call it that, but I have to for linking certainly ended up not being a sanctuary for these guys!) llamas.  We knew he had been a herd leader right away, because when the vet body scored him; he had a pleasant surprise...Chief is quite average on the body score scale, a 4 out of 1-9.

But then we got him here to The Royal Ranch.  And we knew right away that he was the Big Chief; he was doing the alarm call whenever the dogs came out of the house.  Which at our house (the house of Many Dogs) is quite often.  The smaller, more fragile rescues followed him around like he was God, seriously!  But the story he told...and I can't really describe how he told me...was just that of a weary Chief.
(See how they surround him?  The red line down his back was a sorting mark from when they transported him from MT to CO)

So, that is why he is the first of our fantastic new rescues to be Royal Ranch Royalty.  I do believe that this is one of the proudest llamas I have come across in my career of rescuing animals, of any variety.  Welcome to The Royal Ranch Chief; I seriously hope you can find some peace here.


lfhpueblo said...

I know Chief will one day become trusting again, because he's with a great family on a wonderful caring Royal Ranch now.
What a great name for him.

Royal Ranch said...

Yes, lfjpueblo, he is making progress. He already stands at attention when he sees me coming; it actually makes me feel quite proud!!! I know it is just for the feed, but it still makes me feel like he is saluting me-ha!

Daisy said...

He will learn to trust you because you know how to earn his trust and keep him safe. What a majestic animal he is!

Royal Ranch said...

Majestic...yes! I like that descriptive word for him. We are slowly but surely making progress...Thanks for the vote of confidence.