Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twenty years and counting...

Yesterday was our twentieth wedding anniversary.  Two whole decades.  I really couldn't believe it; it actually had kind of snuck up on both of us what with all of the changes happening here at The Royal Ranch that I promised you I was going to write about.  And I still will write about those changes and the waves of havoc they have created for this family; changes like kids leaving for college and me finally realizing that my back issue is a disability and not a back issue.  There is a BIG difference when you own, live and love on a ranch; it makes your life decisions a lot more important.

But anyway, back to our twenty years together and how something so significant can sneak up on a person.  See, we have a tradition here at the ranch for birthdays for the kids; in the mornings when they get up I have printed out their names in big letters with descriptive words of them, usually with a pic of something their really into that year.  Yes, teachers I know there is a proper term for this I just can't think of it; help a Rebel out in the comment section here....Well, it seems this tradition stuck, because on our pillows last night we found this poem from our 15 year old who had pretended to have forgotten our anniversary:

Mom and Dad you are so great
even though sometimes its like I don't appreciate
you're always there through thick and thin
so we'll be happy to the end

T*he best dad
O*ver worker
M*r. with a loving family

J*ustifiably Crazy
U*unbelievably great
D*etermined to help even when not needed (we have all laughed ourselves senseless over this one!)
Y*our son loves you

Tom and I said this was the kindest most rewarding anniversary present either of us had ever gotten.

Right back at 'ya kid:


Tiffany said...

Acrostic. LOL (-:

Happy anniversary kids!!

Royal Ranch said...

Thanks for the missing word (I knew I could count on my teach friends)and for the kind thoughts!