Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Definition for Snuggling on the Beach

As you all know I am a sucker for a good video, especially one with animals...This one is so amazing to me I had to share it:

The video is at Greenfield Park Blog 

Taped in Gold Harbour where Elephant Seals and Penguins migrate in the winter to breed along the glacial stream; this lady was a love magnet for this big guy!  Thanks GPB for sharing this great work of art.


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Hi Judy! I just wanted to say hi. I've been away from the bloggy world for a while so now I am back and trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs. Hope all is well with you!

Royal Ranch said...

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere, Lena! Love to see you stuff at Over Coffee, the Green Edition...