Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A story worth sharing...


lfhpueblo said...

I believe people have seen Heaven before. I also believe some people have seen Hell.
I remember a story from a Doctor who didn't believe in Heaven or Hell. He had a heart attack and while they were working on him to revive him, for 12 minutes he said he was in Hell.
He said he saw himself coming out of his body and looking back on his body and the Doctor's working on him and then saw a black figure grabbing him and pulling him down into hell. He talked out the smells, the fears, the pain he felt there. He said he cried out while in hell for God to save him and that he was sorry he didn't believe.
At that moment he said he felt his spirit slam back into his body and they were able to finally revive him. He said he had bypass surgery and survived. Yet, while in the hospital he couldn't shake what had happened.
So, I believe there are both locations that spirits can go when they are not in our bodies.

Royal Ranch said...

Wow L, that is an amazing story, thanks for sharing. There truly are some inspirational ones out there!