Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 With a herd of these guys as neighbors, who wouldn't want to spend the summer playin' in poo, er soil?

You know, I wasn't really sure how to write this post, or when I was going to write this post.  And it's funny because this post has really been causing me to have a writers block; it's as if I feel like once I get all of this off my chest...I will be able to post more frequently again.  Even as I type this..I notice that I have a very concerned, "knit" brow!

I want to be careful how I word this post for some feels as if it really matters.  It's all about simplicity...I am simplifying my life, and being darn careful to do it in a very positive manner.  I think it may have started with the carbon monoxide thing...well, that's not entirely true; I have always felt that your thoughts and actions impact your life.  But the carbon monoxide scare was the final straw I guess, that and the recycling as funny as it sounds.

I have practically killed myself for the recycling of the schools; literally in some cases.  I had lost a bag of recycling on the side of the highway....yes the state's deadliest highway at one point in time, and when I pulled over to pick it up at a later date I sank a foot deep in gopher holes and got stuck!  All signs were pointing to time to face the fact that I could no longer handle all of this stuff on my own.  And to be honest, I didn't want to, my family had been giving me a hard time about this sort of craziness for quite some time.

I found myself saying things like "my life isn't really this melodramatic" in phone calls and emails to people, as I was rushing here or there...and let me tell you if drama is in your thoughts or is in your life!  So I quit saying those things, and I asked for help with the recycling.  And I made some really big changes here at home.

We quit the DirectTV habit.  Yes, you heard that right.  We no longer have access to the outside world unless it is through the internet or Netflix!  This has been one of the most amazing things for my family of two (yes, two; exciting news on that later!) 17 year olds and a 15 year old and an 11 year old.  We no longer deal with LOUD commercials that are totally inappropriate on some cable networks, I no longer am subjected to news that brings down my already overloaded sensitive senses nor are my kids and we are in absolute control of everything that goes into our heads.  It is such a sense of FREEDOM, once you get used to it.

I have decided to really concentrate my energy on The Ranch this year.  As I have marketed our great product Naked~Nure; I got the same question over and over again.  Why use llama manure?  So I am going to take a year or so and answer that question.  I am going to try all different sorts of methods of growing (indoors and out), all different ways of using the manure (teas and composts) and I'm going to feed my family and benefit my property in the meantime.  I just really feel like the ranch and I have some healing and growing to do together this year.

But, the biggest change of all is that my family is now six.  I finally have my son Austin.  I have spoken about him before....and he has been a part of my family since the first day he walked through my door with his rolling giggle....but as of Friday April 1, 2011, he is legally ours and I couldn't be happier.

I apologize for my absence; and I look forward to taking you along on my journey of learning to simplify in a world of fast paced living.  This should be fun.  Tell me, what do you do to slow down and remind yourself to really be a part of today?


Tiffany said...

First and foremost - congratulations! What wonderful changes for your family! I am curious how it got to be official and all that, but of course it's none of my business. However it came about, I am so glad for him and for you and everyone. You are very inspiring.

And second. Of course - OF COURSE you are letting go of the recycling. We should be able to fend for ourselves! You have done enough, and please don't ever feel bad about letting someone else take care of things for a change. This is not your life - carrying recycling down the hill. You've got some very important work of your own. <3 I sure miss you Judy, but I am glad you are getting your life simplified. (-:

Royal Ranch said...

Tiffany...thanks so much for the nice note. Actually I am happy to share our story in case it were to help and encourage someone else to do the same thing...

We took legal guardianship of Austin. He will turn 18 in just a month or so, but colleges consider them minors until they are 24...paperwork for him was becoming a we took the bull by the horns and became his parents on paper. I may write a post about this...

Again, thanks for all of your encouragement; can't wait for our harvest day!

Daisy said...

Congratulations on the family changes - and on giving up DirecTV! I'd give up UVerse, but my husband works in TV.

Royal Ranch said...

I have not given up entirely~ I do still sneak it in online...I feel irresponsible if I don't know what is going on in the world around me, but at least this way I don't feel like it is shoved down my throat! I get to chose the stories I read, the commercials I see, and when I have had too MUCH!!!! It helps with overload.