Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ring of Fire: Japan and Hawaii...My prayers go out to you

According to The Denver Japan sits right in the middle of The Ring of, not Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, but a geological one; which in my mind makes it a damned dangerous place to be right now.  Here is an excerpt from the best written article I could find on this darn tsunami that everyone is so rightly worried about:

Japan lies on the "Ring of Fire" - an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones stretching around the Pacific where about 90 percent of the world's quakes occur, including the one that triggered the Dec. 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami that killed an estimated 230,000 people in 12 nations. A magnitude-8.8 temblor that shook central Chile last February also generated a tsunami and killed 524 people.

The article says it much better than I could (follow the link, it's a great article); except that I am praying for those folks....

And if by the way, I got you in the mood for some Johnny Cash;  here you go:


lfhpueblo said...

The aftershocks over there have been so numerous and large too. Some of the aftershocks are big enough to be damaging earthquakes in and of themselves. I even heard today that after thee 7.2 aftershock they had today that they reissued Tsunami warnings for a while.
Very sad about the radiation leaks too and the partial melt down of one of the reactor cores in the nuclear power plants.

Royal Ranch said...

Yes, the whole thing is quite horrific! I did read on a friends blog that Japan is quite Earthquake prepared...So now the main concern is cooling those damn nuclear plants. And thank goodness so far the US has been spared major damage. It really is quite amazing video out there...of course I get it via internet only now. More on that in a later post.