Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bailey Day 2011

 Entrikin Cabin located in McGraw Park
Photo courtesy of Gary Nichols

Well, here it is Bailey Day 2011; and boy did this one sneak up on me!  I had to look up in the newspaper when we were expected to be there, now that is pretty bad....but you know what I told myself?  I decided that that meant that I am getting so good at my job that I don't need much time to prepare for gigs like this anymore and no big deal; I can do them in my sleep practically.  And it is true.

But that doesn't make Bailey Day any less fun.  Or important.  This is our towns big event; and it is important; it is important to our town and it is very meaningful to us as a Ranch as well.  See, this will be our 9th year at old McGraw Park with the llamas; our historical park in downtown Bailey, CO.  And it is a beauty.  With cabins that have been carefully moved there from their original homesteads and then meticulously refurbished; a schoolhouse that received the same loving treatment all from our very own county.

Our town really does this celebration up right too.  Lots of great vendors and food too.  And it is so fun to teach people about the love of llamas...  So, if you live in the area and feel like a drive today; head west towards the cool air of Bailey, Rebels.  Consider this your personal invitation.


Tiffany said...

I sure wish we could come! We have a double header soccer game starting at 11. We wouldn't get there until it was almost over... )-: Have fun though!

Royal Ranch said...

Don't know what happened to your double header....but SO enjoyed seeing you and the boys there. But missed you when I caught a snake a bit later to give a quick science lesson to the kids; I had to wing it.