Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Summer means different things to different people; but to me it brings a sense of freedom and family.  No more schedules to maintain, and lots of time with my kids.  So the other day when I was driving down the road in my favorite black Ford, with my two favorite eleven year old girls in the whole world strapped in the seat next to me...and this song came on and all three of us were just belting it out; I knew it was summertime!

The really ironic thing is that it also happened to be my nephew's birthday that day and when we came home we looked that song up on You Tube before we headed to his birthday party that was after his Lacrosse game (man, do they really kick some you know what in Lacrosse!!!).  Well, anyway, my nephew has had a really rough couple of years due to bullying at his school and just recently got accepted into a very science and math oriented school; which will put him on the path to "the Big City"!!!

To say the least, this song and this video have been stuck in my head since that day...it really hits home for a lot of people in a lot of different ways...So as I usually say, Rebels...make yourself some dancing room and crank up your computer speakers!

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