Monday, July 20, 2009

A Confession

I must confess, I think the name of the blog may need to be changed to Judy's Ding Dong Moments! When my brain gets too full, it must empty some of the files automatically-Ha!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we have had a few days with no guests at The Royal Roost. We absolutley slammed out a hum dinger of a makeover and made a lot of changes that we have been wanting to make for a long time. So, Friday was our first day after the big to-do to have a guest. Something kept nagging at me, I had though the rest of July was completely booked and the calendar said we didn't have anyone checking in until next Saturday. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer working when I got a call from the very nice people who were to check-in, and where is the nearest store? OMG-I had forgotten to move their 6 night reservation onto the proper calendar! I kept my cool though, and of course told her where to shop in Conifer.

I'm yelling at Tom to please (yeah, right) gather this or that and madly checking e-mails to make sure I had it right now and had not overbooked. That worry hit me because I had done this over the 4th of July weekend (luckily I figured it out before I took any deposits!) and didn't have much faith in my calendar keeping ability at this point. Unbelievably we had the cabin cleaned and ready for them by the time they got here from just down the road. I had to take them their breakfasts, instead of leaving them up there for them, but I even got that done in record time. Thankfully, my daughter and I make a bunch of muffins at once and freeze them, but I am very particular that the rest of the breakfast be fresh.

Okay, I had a very good excuse. My 13 year old son was jumping on a friends tramp on Saturday and hurt his foot. Like all good parents worrying about their wallet first, we were hoping that it would get better, or at least be able to wait until Monday to be seen. No such luck; the poor kid woke up yesterday in agony! So a trip to the after hours care clinic took up a good portion of the day. His foot is broken and he's on crutches, and as you know, dangerous crutches instantly makes any dangerous young man feel much better! I've got to tell you, the Dr. gave us grief about trampolines though. Says they keep food on his table!

That still doesn't explain why I never had the reservation on the calendar in the first place, just gave us a good excuse to cover up for my mistake. Our wonderful guests never even knew that I had messed up, and I guess that is a sign I'm doing okay. Better yet, it is money that I had not already accounted for and am able to send the checks (we donate $5/night stayed) to Mile High Great Pyrenees Club and Colorado Llama Rescue early this month! Yeah, it always has a way of working out!

Today's pictures are from the cabin. Come on by, we'd love to have you and I promise I won't mess up your reservation!

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Tiffany said...

Oh no! Not another broken bone! Yikes, someone needs to give that one a bumper suit. (-;