Saturday, July 25, 2009

Royal Roost's Famous Breakfast Burritos

Good Morning. As you may have noticed, I have changed the subtitle of my blog. I really want to make this a place to reward and recognize small business owners and families who are working to make a difference in today's sometimes challenging times.

Today I am going to give you the recipe for my breakfast burritos, I am not one to follow recipes, and even when I do, I tend to change something. I hope that you enjoy these.

3 medium potatoes (quartered and thinly sliced)

1 pkg breakfast meat (I usually use sausage or lean ham steak and dice it up)

8 eggs

dash of milk



green salsa (at least a cup or so)

6-8 tortillas

cheese (we prefer pepper jack, but I use Mexican blend for the cabin)

I start by boiling the potatoes (you may not have to do this at a lower altitude), then in a frying pan cook meat (I brown the sausage like burger) until just cooked through, add potatoes until both are as browned as you like. Meanwhile; beat eggs, milk and S&P in a microwave safe bowl. I cook them in the micro for two reasons, one there is no added fat and two the eggs stay nice and fluffy. My microwave takes about 1 minute per egg used, keep this in mind for other recipes like egg casseroles. Add eggs to meat and potato mixture and pour in salsa. The mix needs to be a little "sticky", so add salsa to the consistency your family will like. Place in a tortilla with the cheese of your choice. These are quite portable when wrapped individually, we have a lot of guests who have taken them on hikes with them.

Have a miracle of a day!!

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Tiffany said...

Those sound great Judy! I used to sell burritos once a week at school, and when Elizabeth came, she took over. So... there's a vacancy! (-;