Saturday, July 18, 2009

A "slice" of Reality

Good Morning!

So not only am I thinking my posts might be a little long, but I'm not able to type that well as I sliced my hand pretty good yesterday. We were just talking about recycling and how much less trash we have. We used to take a bag of trash out of here everyday,now with recycling pretty much the only thing in our trash can is bags from bread, tortillas, cereal, etc (and a lot of those I try to reuse, like to coat chicken the shake-n-bake way) so it has become my habit to push down the trash with my hand to make more room, which works quite well as we only take one bag of trash out per week now. Well this is all good and fine if there is not a broken glass in the trash.... I don't think I have to tell you what happened.

The most embarassing part was here I am a pretty tough chick, and always quite capable of dealing with all sorts of wounds, human or animal, and I had to call Tom in to come help me because it made me kind of sick! Even worse yet, Tom had been outside visiting with a friend who we jokingly call the "safety monitor" as he is an ex-fireman and VERY careful about everything. So here comes Tom to help me get the bleeding under control and I see our friend Steve head to his truck for his glasses and here he comes. My kitchen was a mess, I felt like puking and there is blood everywhere. Not exactly the impression I like to leave with our guests!

The kids were cute though. I guess their not used to Mom getting hurt like that, because as soon as the men got things under control and I kicked them back outside; here came the kids. "Are you okay Mom? That's an awful lot of blood Mom. Can I help you with anything Mom?" Isn't it wondeful to have such a great support group!

Okay since no one has taken me up on my crazy pet pictures, I guess I'll leave you with one of mine. Not that I have a shortage of them though. Today's pic is of my original house rabbit Lucy and one of our kittens named Spike, the two of them just really hit it off!

Have a miracle of a day!

P.S. It's all fun and games 'til someone gets a finger cut off-Ha!

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