Monday, February 15, 2010

Metaphysical Monday? Not even close...

I say it time and again.  This blog is meant to be a positive influence on people's lives, period.  But, I have really gotten to thinking a lot lately about how I tend to heal and recover from injuries, illnesses or hard times in life.  I just hurry and get through the hard parts, and then just try to forget they even happened, never really processing the whole thing; which in the case of an injury means I re-injure myself again and again and in the game of life I just don't seem to process the issue, just cover it up.  Come on, I know I'm not alone here.
So, the thought of having material for a Metaphysical Monday is downright entertaining.  I'm not even close to spiritual right now.  As a matter of fact I bet my Spirit Guides are having a lovely vacation laughing at me wondering when I'm going to quit having a pity party and get back to work!  No, I know that life piles things on all of us.  Like back injuries that lead to dental injuries.  And then the county comes and cuts down all of your trees and the whole neighborhood thinks that because you are in such a public place on the road and such a community supporter that you should lead the battle.  Maybe your having a hard time with money or your teenagers, even if you know the rest of the world shares these same problems, it is sometimes hard not to feel a little sorry for yourself. 
So, that is what you do.  I finally figured out that a person can feel bad for themselves without feeling sorry for themselves, there is a difference.  And that is when it is time to take a mental health day, which is exactly what I did yesterday.  That is what all of these pictures are from, and as you can see, Mother Nature gave me plenty of reasons to remember my love of this planet and my respect and passion for the earth and the very close connection I have with it.  Wow, kind of sounds almost like my Metaphysical Monday posts after all!

For those of you that are familiar with Colorado, Tom and I took a drive up Guanella Pass to see how far we could get.  Yes, that is what mountain hillbilly's do for Valentine's Day, and yes, it was a spectacular Day!!!  The Mountain Goats were down in Grant, I had just said "since we have the camera I sure wish we'd see the goats" and right then Tom pulled over because there they were.  This is my first picture ever of these guys, not near as white as I had expected but I certainly wasn't complaining.  The other pic is of the old Geneva ski area, and the drift you see is only a mile or so past the ski area and a dirt bike was stuck in it just on the other side so we knew we weren't going any further.  That was a big surprise for me, how many bikes were up there; there was even a big group that had side cars on them, way cool to see.  We did also see two Bald Eagles on our trip, but they were on private property too far away, so I didn't get a picture, darn!!!  My friend Viv works at Zoka's on the weekend, so we popped in there too!  I can't tell you the last time Tom and I did something for ourselves like that, we really had a nice time, thanks Babe, I love you!

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