Thursday, May 20, 2010

Campground Training 501

I say "Campground Training 501" because this will be our fifth year to do the campgrounds, and the campground training.  The bummer this year, is that I have to go without Tom!  I'm sure I have mentioned our summer jobs of hosting two local National Forest Campgrounds before, (sorry, no time to look for links!), and we do appreciate the jobs and enjoy the campers, but I am not really looking forward to the hour and a half drive and the somewhat boring training session with no one to joke around with!
One of our campgrounds will have seen quite a change this year as it has been the epicenter of the logging efforts that are going on in our area.  Thankfully for me, these logging efforts are not in my view, but they will have affected our campers and I will imagine Tom and I will spend a good portion of our summer "splainin" to our campers what happened to their beloved forests.  It's a very tricky thing, keeping our forests healthy now that humans have gotten so involved and Mother Nature can't take care of them the way she should, like by burning them every now and then.  Now, to protect homes and to keep the forests healthy humans have to go and and clean them out.  Do I agree and enjoy seeing the huge logging trucks leaving my area with thousands of huge live trees on them?  No, not necessarily, but I do understand why they are doing it.
So, not only do I have three hours of drive time ahead of me, but I will be asking for extra hours to prepare our beautiful campground for the influx of campers we will see on opening weekend.  That is when the real fun will begin.  People have camped at these campgrounds for generations and have favorite spots, etc.  The really funny part is to see them interact with my husband, the main dude.  They all absolutely love him, and when they see his truck coming, you can see them start coming out to ask questions or to give him nuggets of information on the other campers-cracks me up every time!  Well, here is to the start of a successful camping season!


lfhpueblo said...

I'm sorry you have to do it by yourself this year, but try to have lots of fun anyways. Do not let it all just be work focused. Pace yourself since you'll be doing the work of two in the body of one.
Hey, I saw your Ranch, hubby, Rooster, Chicken, Lama's and such on HGTV last night. Indeed hubby wanted to walk the dogs almost the time this was going to come on, so I told him to walk them by himself. He did, but took a shorter walk and was home in time to see the beginning of the My First Sale too and saw the part where the couple was asking your husband about the Lama's and how many your Ranch had.
Boy, that couple sure had lots of ups and downs in their first sale, but at least everything turned out good in the end.

Daisy said...

Good luck, and have a wonderful season of campers!