Sunday, May 23, 2010

Royal Ranch Royalty

Wow!  It seems like it has been a long time since I have done a Royal Ranch Royalty post.  I apologize, I know that many of you look forward to them, it has been a little bit of a crazy month or so around here.  If you have read my blog more than once or twice, you have probably figured out by now that if I don't get my post written by the time that the family and the critters start rising, it doesn't get written for the day.  So, today for Royalty I thought I would do things a little differently, I wanted to share my favorite time of day with you.
First, let me give you a snapshot of how my posts get written.  As I have mentioned many times, The Royal Ranch was built as a summer home in 1955, so it is a rather large, uninsulated (slowly, but surely working on this problem) house, so  even in late May I still sit in front of the fire in the wee morning hours to write to all of you.  I patiently wait to hear the birds start chirping and the dawning rays of the morning sun.  That is when I take my first set of dogs to potty and to check from a distance on all of the outdoor critters.
I have told my Dad that this is something that I would like to include with my book and the visits with the special needs kids somehow, a recording of the morning.  I know that may sound strange, but the sounds of the ranch in the morning can be simply intoxicating, I think.  With the sheep Baahing, and the rooster crowing, and all of the wild birds chirping and the geese honking away, all the while my favorite hummers are zipping overhead to get an early morning drink from my feeder... FANTASTIC!

The llamas are funny too, in their own quiet way.  Once they see me, especially Marcel, they are up and pacing the fence for their breakfast.  If I am too much later, they too will join in on the symphony and start to hum.  Many moons ago, Daisy asked me if llamas all hum in one chord, and I have not researched that, but I do know that they get higher pitched as they get more concerned.  Which means the later I am, the higher pitch the noise is from the peanut gallery on the hill.  I mean this crew really has me trained!
So, I have done my duty, and written this post, now I am off to take Gigi and Rosie potty and hopefully gather you all some videos and pics to go along with these words.  Let's see who is the loudest at 6:13 am, shall we?  So far I only hear my hummers...

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Daisy said...

I love mornings! What a wonderful way to awaken.