Monday, June 21, 2010

Metaphysical Monday

Wow!  I couldn't believe it when I got on my blog and it said I hadn't been on here since last Wednesday, shame on me!  Things have been very busy around here, blessedly my son is back from Seacamp safely and had a wonderful time, we have been busy at the B&B (again blessedly), and we have switched the llamas over to pasture; more on that on another post.  Today is Monday and I have not done a metaphysical post in quite some time, I have had some folks say that they miss them and I have had this one on my mind for a long time.  So, let's get right down to business.
I have a Metaphysical Monday post in my drafts folder that I have had in there for weeks.  I couldn't quite decide why I never finished it, or didn't like it, or whatever, and this morning as I was rereading it I realized it was because I still sound apologetic or something.  Like I am trying too hard not to offend somebody.  Probably in my trying not to offend someone, I will offend someone else, and I have chosen to share these things in the hopes of helping people, so who could that offend?  Ideally, anyway.  Now, it has been so long the post has changed dramatically it seems.
As many of my regular readers know, our family recently unexpectedly lost a beloved cousin.  For a few weeks before he passed I was very ill with a flu that I then passed to my husband.  That all sounds innocent enough right?  Well, it's not quite that straightforward in my case.  See, my rabbit Lucy was dying at the same time, so I was thinking maybe that's what the feeling of death was that was hanging over me.  Yup, there is no other way to describe it.  That's what made my immune system get that low, I haven't been sick in years.  Really, I do know how crazy it sounds, but I also know how real it is to live it, I was even talking about death in my sleep.  
Lucy had already passed, we had had a few weird things happen here at the ranch (like a squirrel drown in the water trough and the loss of some hens due to a citrus accident), but my dark cloud would not dissipate.  As silly as it sounds, as sick as I was, I started to worry that I was dying.  Then I got the call from Dad, and rudely enough the first words out of my mouth were "what the Fu@%?"  I couldn't believe it was Joe who had died.
Before I even hung up the phone, my cloud was gone.  No kidding.  That night while I slept my fever broke and the next morning I woke up and was no longer sick with the flu.  We were still unable to travel to Iowa due to Tom getting it, but it was crazy.  Okay, so where does that leave me.  Should I have explored the cloud more so as not to make myself sick?  I'll take the flu over knowing a loved one is going to pass anyday, thank you.
But, isn't that where I am supposed to be going with all of this?  Isn't that why it is getting stronger and more irritating?  I'm thinking so, it's time for this butterfly to spread her wings.  Lately I have been given the opportunity to see where maybe this could be of help and not such a hindrance (no I can't guess the Lotto numbers!) to people.  You know, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but as far as sixth senses go, mine is pretty good.  I joined a group of mediums that do a conference call once a week when I decided to start working with my skills and thought I would be just an observer, but have always had something to add (correctly I might add), even as a beginner.
I guess it is the same with any part of your life, when it gets to the point where it is affecting your health, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.  Learn what you need to learn, live as much as you possibly can and make as many miracles as one person is capable of making...and then some.
Just so you all know how much a part of me this is, the symbol for the Metaphysical posts is one of my tattoos.  Notice how not much else is visible, that should give you an idea of locale on my body-ha!

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lfhpueblo said...

I do believe if you get over loaded with death and dying issues in the family or with your pets that it most certainly does affect the immune system, I also believe divorce and the problems leading to such do so as well.
On a different note: Hey my in-laws came over for Father's Day.
My mom-in-law told me something really interesting. She told me for years her daughters (not hubby's biological sister's though)
have given her white lilies in pots on Easter. After they've been done blooming in the pots, she cut them back and put the white lily bulbs in a certain section of ground in her yard hoping they'd come up and bloom the following year. They never have. Well this Easter she did the same thing. Guess what the White Lily Bulb she planted this year, in the middle of all the other lily bulbs she's planted in years past came up and it's Red, a Red Lily, and the other lilies are now poking her heads out and are coming up too.
I said I think it's some kind of miracle, because I've never heard of White Easter Lilies coming up Red.
My husband is a spoil sport though and wouldn't hear any of my miracle stuff, he kept saying it's probably something in the soil. I doubt that. The soil around here lacks much of anything good in it.
I think it's some kind of sign of miracle good. Anyways that's my story (belief system) and I'm sticking to it. I'll just plug my ears (like a little kid) when hubby tries to burst my bubble.
Hey, I'm glad you guys are all safe from the wild fires our state's having. One Llama raiser near Highway 50 West close to the Royal Gorge/Canyon City area had to evacuate her animals from the fires. Then there's a fire around the great sand dunes too.
Since I live in this dessert area of Colorado we are under Red High Fire Danger today, probably tomorrow too. The skies are hazy here too because the smoke is up in the sky from the fire that is near to the Royal Gorge.
I'm wetting down my property just in case the winds shift east from west.