Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Little Friend

Okay, okay, I know I'm about a decade or so behind in technology up here on my mountain, but I just had to write about my new little friend, my i pod.  My son just got an upgrade, and I pitched in a little, so I got his old one, that's a form of recycling, right?
I mean this little baby has the means to really rock my world, literally.  As you all have probably gathered by now, when I do something, I really throw myself into it; and that includes listening to music.  So yesterday, for the first time ever I got to do my chores to the blissful noise of my own choosing.  And let me tell you, when I came around the corner and saw my seventeen year old sons laughing so hard they could not hardly stand up because I had been singing and dancing my way down the path from the barn I just about died laughing myself!  Now that is a great way to start a day, in  my book.
Although I have been given the lecture, "Mom, you've got to remember that the entire neighborhood can probably hear you singing!" and "Mom, you're weird!" by each and every one of them, all of the kids have said it with a huge smile and have been anxious to help me get it all set up and even add more music.  Which is funny, because they say that will only cause them more embarrassment, hmmm....
On a more serious note, I have thanked Nathan again and again, because not only have I had a lot of fun with this little gadget, but I have realized that this could have a huge impact on my "bad brain days".  Now, I don't mean to go all ga-ga on you on a regular post day, but I have to.  My bad brain days are somehow connected with my extra sensory stuff, as well as my epilepsy.  With this i pod I will be able to shut a lot of this extra sensory stuff out, period.  That is my hope, I will let you know how the testing goes.  That wasn't so bad was it?
I bring this up because I know that this is a very common problem with all neurological issues, even migraines.  Over-stimulation of any kind is hard on the brain for people with every neurological problem and I was really able to shut a lot of stuff out with my i pod on.  If you have kids with these types of issues or ADHD, try having them sit in a quiet room with their i pods on for a while.  I'm even going to try some relaxing types of music, which I have never had before, but I think would be great with this specific machine.
Warning:  I am not a doctor, and I don't even play one on TV.  I've only had my i pod for a day, but the change I felt immediately, made me want to write this post.  Dancing can cause serious injuries to hips and backs of women and men over the age of 35 if done on uneven ground.  Neighbors may think you are crazy if you dance around while cleaning your water trough with toilet scrubber as drum stick.
PS  I bet you wish the boys had gotten video!!!

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Daisy said...

I'm not a doctor either, but I am a teacher. I have seen kids with ADHD and high on the autism spectrum benefit from iPods and other headphone/listening devices. It helps them shut out the extraneous distractions. Rather than provide another distraction, it actually helps narrow their focus. Focuses. Foci? Whatever.