Monday, June 28, 2010

Metaphysical Monday

Happy Monday to all of you, and I apologize for letting the weekend go by without dropping in to say hello.  We had my wonderful brother-in-law and one of his great biker buddies for the weekend which is always quite an adventure.  Although Scott comes to see us as often as he can, he was out of the cream for his lip, and Tom had forgotten to take him some last week when they met for lunch, so I am not all that positive he didn't come just to pick up the cream (BTW he will drive 2.5 hours for this stuff!!!), but we got to see him either way, so his reasons for coming don't matter-ha!
I also know that many of you miss Royal Ranch Royalty, and I do have some new four legged Royalty that I am anxious to share with you all, but of course, here at The Royal Ranch, there is quite a story behind it, and it is a good one, so I want to wait and share it on Tuesday when I write for Green Spot-On so that my message is heard by many.  Now, that sounds like I'm going to hop on my "soap box", as my Dad would say, and maybe I am, but you'll have to stop back by tomorrow to meet two, yup, two of my newest family members!  And, to make it even more mysterious, we will be saying goodbye to three more...Now I've got you!!!
So, today is Metaphysical Monday and I saw a video earlier last week that has been on my mind since I saw it.  It is worth sharing and what better place to share it than on a metaphysical blog?  Listen to the whole thing, it is truly amazing!  They had already shut this young lady's life support off, and she fought her way back.  Now this is why I believe in angels, not because we can always see them, but because of things like this, remember this happens every single day, this one just happened to get caught on video to remind us that they are here.

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