Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Chicken Dance Poem

 My rooster does not like my brown pants,
He made me do a very awkward dance.
He came running up from behind,
And really, I tried to be kind.
But that darn Roo, just kept coming back at me,
I think he even did it with a look of glee!

I assumed it was my pants,
and that I would no longer have to dance.
I went back the next day to his door,
And lo and behold that Roo wanted some more!

A hen that has gone broody,
And is feeling very moody.
A ram that used to be quite lazy,
now is acting a little crazy.

I have done all my reading,
And hopefully patience is all I'm needing.
If it is the change of the season,
That is actually his reason,
Neither McLovin' or I... should come out bleeding!

The above photo is one I took this morning of Tom and our naughty Roo working on a desensitizing exercise!

1 comment:

lfhpueblo said...

Oh you naughty Roo, Rams and Hens,
picking on those that feed you time and again.
What if your people weren't there?
Surely foxes, badgers and wolves you'd have to beware.
Now I know the season is soon changing into fall,
but come on you all.
Try to be less crazy and more kind,
or you just might find,
the Queen of the Royal Ranch throwing your feed,
to sweet Llama's who are also in need.