Monday, August 9, 2010

What the heck day is it anyway?

Poor Tom knows, it's go back to work day for him.  But that does explain why I have been a little messed up on my days.  When Tom is off work, plus the kids being out of school, there is just no way I can keep track of what day of the week it is.  When I last left you I wished you a good Sunday on Friday, but it worked out just as well, because I wasn't able to get back on until just now, so anyway, I hope you had a good Sunday.

We sure did, we got a lot of work done around the ranch, but more on that tomorrow (once again, I have amazed myself in my recycling and money saving endeavors and want to save it for a Tuesday when I write for GreenSpot-On), today I need to keep my promise to my dedicated readers.  I told you that I would share some photos from our Royal Llama Adventure from Saturday and here they are:

This is how the morning starts out, me in the kitchen.
Our first snack break.

Practicing knots?


"The bowl" at Mt. Logan

Having fun skippin' rocks at "the bowl"!

He's always climbing something.

Finally, food!!!  A quick side note here, although I take paper napkins, we use cloth to wrap the silverware in.  Then I can use the dirty ones to put in between the dirty plates on the way down.  I came home with four paper napkins in my trash bag and only recyclable water bottles and soda cans, that's it, no other trash was created from this picnic.

Look at the size of this mushroom!

We all had a wonderful time and the rain held off until we got to the gate (in our cars), it couldn't have been any better timing!

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lfhpueblo said...

Those are really great pictures.
Glad a wonderful time was had by all, and also glad you didn't get rained out.
We had a great Sunday too. Got lots of yard work done and also spent a lot of time getting our dogs exercised.
You know, I often find out what day of the week it is by the computer. With my husbands shifts I often get confused.
I also mark the days off on a physical calendar I have in the kitchen.