Thursday, August 26, 2010

Judy, on being a mom, a volunteer and a politico

So Tuesday I was on my way to my last School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting for our middle school; I no longer have a middle schooler, so I was just going to finish out my post for last year.  I had a lot on my mind, I had started my new SAC post with the High School the day before, was really looking forward to teaching my new class, but was a little concerned over some things I had heard at the HS meeting.

You see, I am in a very interesting position when it comes to the schools and this town.  I am quite active in politics as a Registered Republican, and in Park County, that means that you are involved in all of the action because it (the county) is entirely Republican, sorry Democrats, but it is how I keep tabs on the pulse, if you know what I mean.  Now, in general, and I do say, in general, the school system is run by Democrats.

As we all know, education and politics go hand in hand.  Especially when it comes to the Sheriffs race.  What?  At least in Park County.  Okay, it doesn't all boil down to the Sheriffs race, but it came darn close at the last Board meeting, sounds like.  Which is a shame, because it was the last meeting of our very distinguished President who has to leave our area. 

Anyway, it turned into a circus, the day before election, ironically, or not, with allegations against the Sheriffs Dept that turned into screaming at our Superintendent to step down.  (The reason the two are connected is because we have a Sheriff Resource Officer (SRO) at our school, please follow the links if you'd like to catch up on the whole sordid story.)

Well, I wasn't at that meeting, and hadn't heard anything about it until the HS SAC meeting on Monday, been under a rock you know.  But, I went home and did some reading and found some very interesting information.  Well, as I said, I know some things that the people at the school don't know because I knew the names of the folks that had raised a stink at the board meeting... they were a lot of the same people that I had recently spent the day with up at the Republican Assembly where I was a delegate. 

My feelings on the matter were...uneasy.  I knew that it had been politically motivated, but was concerned about the schools as a whole.  Well, I was walking into a trap.  By the end of my last middle school SAC meeting I had somehow been voted Chairperson for this coming school year, as a community member, since I no longer have a student at FMS.  This will involve another year of meetings (me running them-yikes!), all of the District meetings and who knows what other duties they did not inform me of-ha!

But, I may be a great person for the job.  Although there was a little chuckle when I said that I recognized the names of the trouble makers (they must think it's the tattooed, hillbilly in me), I think the real surprise to these ladies might be that these are the same folks who are running this county.  Or at least representing them when it comes to voting at the assembly, again sorry Dems, but numbers don't lie.  So I can see both sides of the coin so to speak.

But, the very good news, is that in all of this brew-ha-ha, I have answered one of my own questions!  So, our Sheriff beat the first guy in the Primary.  My question was, does this declare him the final victor or can people change parties?  Well, I don't know about changing parties, but I do know that you can still become a write in candidate after the primary, and I'm adding my name...Just Kidding!!!!  No, but another fella did just that, and lo and behold if he isn't one of the fellas causing trouble for the school district/SRO relationship.


lfhpueblo said...

Sounds like a handful there that you'll be dealing with.
Good luck in being the diplomat to get everything working together for the good of the students in
your community and not the political parties that should have
good education as it's objective
and not elected seats to wield power.

Daisy said...

Oh, my. Too much drama! Your role might be this: continually remind board members and community people that It's All About the Kids. Do What's Good For Kids.

Make it a mantra. It helps keep people focused; trust me.