Thursday, August 19, 2010

A quick note on Karma

To the jerks who left my spectacular campground a mess,

My husband let you stay for free because you said you were Veterans, that alone could get us fired.  You left your campsite dirtier than any site I have ever seen in the five years I have been cleaning sites, I have my doubts you are truly a Veteran.  After you filled the legal fire ring with trash, you built a half assed, illegal fire ring, and almost caught my forest on fire!  Although you stayed at the only campground with a dumpster, you could not get your trash bag over to it, along with the rug that your mutt crapped on.  Thank you for that nice surprise.

I guarantee your move across the state is not going well.

But on the other hand...

To my friend Kristi,

I hardly remembered referring the folks from The Royal Roost to you when they told me they were looking to buy real estate in the Jefferson area.  So it was such a wonderful surprise to receive a $100 gift card right when I was back to school shopping for the kids!!!  You helped us buy The Royal Roost, oh so many years ago, you are a wonderful Real Estate Agent and friend, you go girl!  Thank you and you know that only good things are coming your way.

Now that's what I'm talking about.


Daisy said...

Karma - paying it forward truly comes back to those who care.

lfhpueblo said...

I just got done talking to a Case Management Worker at Ft. Carson and said the same thing about the Doctor's that have no compassion there. I said what goes around will come around to them too, ten fold since they are suppose to be since they choose to be in a career that requires they at least have one drop of it in their soul.
Whoops, maybe they have no souls at all. That's what I think. At least wise the last three Doctor's I have had to deal with there.
I pity anyone who has military insurance and is not an active duty soldier on getting good care via this particular branch of the military and this particular location.