Friday, July 15, 2011

Chronic pain and The Spoon Theory

I read this "theory" a long time ago; it's been floating around the blogosphere a long time.  But it took me some time to apply it to my own life.  See I try and act like my life is perfectly fine all the time.  And then it all catches up with me and my daughter will sleep on the floor in my room and catch me crying in my sleep...

So, it doesn't take not having Lupus for this theory to apply.  Or any other label for that matter.  Many of us need to live spoon by spoon; and that needs to be okay with us and the ones that love us.  And here is my spoon to you, dear Rebels, because you mean a lot to me! 


Daisy said...

This theory can also apply to energy and fatigue with clinical depression. I'm learning to pace myself, even as I gain additional "spoons" with a slow recovery.
I still have the bad habit of hiding my true condition from those closest to me. I don't want them to worry.

Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Hi Judy. I tried to go to the site yesterday and it was down. Went there today and it was really gut wrenching. Probably for two reasons: 1) mom had Lupus and we saw her suffer a great deal 2) we have seen you suffer in the past few years and it overwhelms us at times. As noted in the "theory", folks can't relate to the impact that these chronic pain medical problem cause. We are sure glad that you are going back to see what your options are.

Love, dad

Royal Ranch said...

@Daisy, Thank you for bringing this up. I thought of you when I wrote this and knew that was the case, but did not want to speak out of hand. Clinical depression and chronic pain go hand in hand don't they? So many times one leads to the other, very sad. So glad to hear you are recovering, and totally understand about trying to hide your "issues" from those you love and want to worry the least.

@Dad, thanks for all of your support. Actually, I had forgotten about Grandma's Lupus until this last week. It was one of the things that prompted me to go back for a further check-up.

Spoons to both of you!!!