Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Cookie Day

Good Morning, and happy weekend to you all!  My family has a great tradition; each year we get together and have what we call "Cookie Day".  My two sisters and I head "home" to Mom and Dad's for the day taking as many of the kids as we can pull together at one time.  Each of us brings ingredients for two kinds of our favorite cookies, so we end up with a great variety of the all time family favorites.
But, as usual I am running late, so I will try to post some pics and possibly even some recipes later.  Who knows, you may get a two for one deal out of this.  Really, I just wanted to share the idea because it is a great way to get all of your Christmas baking done while having a great visit with your friends or family!
Make a miracle today!


Daisy said...

Teen keeps hounding me to bake cookies: I need time to catch up on schoolwork first. I'm so lucky to have a teenage boy who enjoys cooking and baking; he'll be a fabulous husband some day.

lfhpueblo said...

I'll probably do some cookies Tuesday. If I do them too early they all get eaten up too early and then everyone wants to make more. That's too many calories, so I'm waiting alittle bit longer to do them, and not as many this year. Don't want us to put on too many pounds this year.