Monday, December 14, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

Good Morning!  This morning I am feuding with my self over this post.  Part of me says to quit MM, and the other half is saying to continue.  I think what bothers me the most is that my previous posts feel as if I am defending myself or my beliefs in some way, which I do not need to do.  Another thing that has bothered me is that I have never gotten a comment on any of these posts.
I don't know if this is an awkward subject, if people think it's just downright loony; or if people aren't into sharing these kinds of things publicly.  I've got to admit, I almost dread these posts because they do not "flow" like my other posts do, I struggle a little bit to write them.  I've realized that's because even I am a little leery of this topic.  So, where do we go from here?
First of all I want to make sure that people are comfortable commenting, even if they don't want to do so publicly.  So I'd like to remind you that you can always e-mail me at to share your story; and if it's okay for me to share it, then I will rewrite it with no names.  If you don't want me to share it that's okay too, but I would like to hear them.  I am also not making any promises, I have decided that if it's something I don't really enjoy writing about than I am not going to write about it.  The whole purpose of this blog is to share my joy of the ups and downs of what I like to call "our little piece of paradise".
But, just in case this is my last post on this subject for a little while, I would like to share a story with you.  A few months after my Grandma had passed, my Mom asked me to make a cookbook for her Stampin' Up! ladies who had been enjoying my cooking at her stamp camps.  I of course could not refuse because it was such a huge compliment, but I was very nervous about putting Grandma's Pumpkin Bar recipe in the book for some reason.  It was quite an internal debate, but I decided to get the recipe out just in case. 
I'll tell you what, I searched for that recipe high and low.  The odd thing was that I knew I had two copies, as my sister had made one copy for me, but I was positive I had one in Grandma's own handwriting that was very special to me.  One morning I took the kids to the bus stop and as I was looking out at the beautiful mountain behind our house (no, that's not some spiritual connection, just me bragging about my beautiful view from the bus stop!) and decided that obviously the recipe was not meant to be in the book, and I had better quit stalling production over one silly recipe.
Although I was crushed I had lost the original, I knew I could get another copy from a family member.  So, to have made the decision (finally!) to not put the recipe in; I headed home to wrap up the cookbook.  There sitting in the middle of my desk was the recipe that was written in my Grandma's handwriting.  I'm not sure I have ever felt as moved as that day, it was like my Grandma had wanted to show me how very strongly she felt that her Pumpkin Bars were a family recipe, that should stay in the family.  My Grandma always did have a strong opinion on things, not unlike myself.  The relief of knowing that she could still communicate with me if she needed to was...well, amazing.
I know that many people have stories like this.  Like our friends Tina and Kevin who have such a strong love for one another, that she was able to save his life from ten miles away.  The point is, do we continue discussing miracles like this or do we sweep it under the rug because others may think it's all in our heads?  I know that to many, myself included, to just have an experience like that is tremendously touching, and a reward in itself.  Maybe it is all too private to share, I don't know.
Anyway, make a miracle for yourself today!


Daisy said...

I'm reading regularly, but I rarely comment on Mondays. It's not a lack of belief; it's more that I'm contemplating and enjoying the tales and feel like they don't really need a comment to make them valuable.

Megan said...

Mondays are my favorite days on your blog!- I look forward to Monday.
For me, I had an insight about who I am. I have always been able to see the past, auras, colors, deceased loved ones, guides, all the woo woo stuff- was and is me. I didn't talk about it or myself much not knowing and being concerned about what someone else may think or say. Making myself uncomfortable and suppressing so that everyone around me be comfortable. My assumptions were often wrong about the people that love me and I them. I learned I lost years of being able to discuss things that are most important.

lfhpueblo said...

I'm not really into all the metaphysical stuff. Yet, even as a Christian I have had strong feelings and urgings and they have been true. I mean I knew before the phone rang or anyone in our home had been contacted on two seperate occasions that my one of my uncles and then my grandfather in Florida had died (we live in Colorado). I also knew before we were contacted that my grandfather in Colorado had run away from a nursing home, and almost drown when he fell into a ravine with water in it. I also knew before we were contacted when he died a week later.
I knew when my older brother had been in a bad car accident. We weren't notified about that at all. As a teenager I kept bugging my mom until she contacted the red cross (my brother was in the army at the time) and she had them check on such, because he hadn't written and she started to get concerned too. I was right and he was seriously hurt in a hospital in Georgia. He was in intensive care for about six weeks.
When I was a teenager I knew when my older sister cut the tip of her finger off from a freeky accident when her bedroom mirror broke when she was washing it. I was a block away babysitting, and when the Dad of the child I was babysitting got home, I ran home very fast. Before I left though, he asked me what was wrong, because he could see I was upset. I told him I knew my sister was bleeding badly.
My sister was already at the hospital when I got home. She had cut the artery in that finger.
Then when my older brother (when he was in the army a couple years later) got married. He didn't let us know before hand he was going to get married. I was a senior in high school. I was at school and he called my mom and told her he had gotten married an hour before. When I got home from school my mom said "Guess What?" I said my brother's name and followed it by saying "He's married." My mom said "How do you do that? How do you know these things before we are told?"
I don't know.
I bug my husband sometimes too, because I'll say the phone's gonna ring and then sure enough it does.

Tiffany said...

Hey, I commented on the very first one! I don't usually comment because I don't know... It's your reflection, you know? I'm reading it, but you're "in it", like I said. (-:

BTW, I've discovered from my little journey with blogging, people can read, and enjoy, a LOT of stuff, without ever feeling like they have anything meaningful to contribute. Don't think just because no one comments no one cares. (-;