Sunday, December 6, 2009

Royal Ranch Royalty

Good Morning!  I hope you are all having a great weekend with Christmas (and yes, you will proudly see the word Christmas in this blog) spirit in the air!  My opinion on this PC "Holiday" craze set aside, I have more important things to discuss today!  Once again today's royalty is very deserving of her title; I am proud to introduce Baby; yes, we know it's not too original, but we didn't name her!
Baby was left here by a previous renter; who obviously turned out to be a bad man.  The renter and his girlfriend had taken her in during a snow storm when she was pregnant and hungry.  That seems to be the extent of the kindness that they would give the cat.  They continued to allow her to have two more litters after we had already taken in two of her kittens (Harry and Gary, our orange tabby's).  I helped them get her fixed and got her shots done so that she could finally regain her strength from her ordeal of surviving in the wild.
Thankfully, Baby only lived with him (his girlfriend came and went) for a year or so before we had to evict him.  A couple of days after he left, he called back to ask us if he could come and get his two cats,; we of course said yes.  The next day Baby was still here.  The jerk called later that day to let us know that he had also left his tarantula in a cage on the front porch.  Now I'm no spider expert, but I know that they are not supposed to live outside in Colorado in November.  Despite my fear of spiders I got the darn thing back to health and quickly found it a new home.
Baby has taken a little longer to recover from her time with that mean man.  She finally started letting Tom get near her after a couple of months, and is still very leery of anything that moves too quickly, but gets better every day.  I've got to tell you though, Baby is one of the meanest cats I have ever come across when it comes to other cats.  She obviously does not remember her sons, as she will violently protect her turf against any and all of our house cats.  Which makes her love of our other barn cat, Shade, that much more ironic.  Shade was Royalty earlier in this series; he is a very special cat that truly has healing abilities when it comes to my various rescues, including Baby.  I call them boyfriend and girlfriend even though they are both fixed and entirely platonic of course!
Make a miracle today!


Daisy said...

You really do need to take your time with an animal that's been mistreated. It's a wonderful day when that animal lets you get close!

lfhpueblo said...

Shade, a soulmate for Baby. That's good. Another cat she feels she can trust.
How about all the snow we've gotten here in Colorado the last couple of days. I don't know if it's snowed where you lived or not, but it has here in what we refer to as the desert of Colorado. It snowed yesterday and it still is off and on today.
I'm glad you say Christmas too. Though I like all my Jewish friends too and they'll be celebrating their season starting Dec. 12th.