Monday, December 7, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

Good morning!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, it is bitterly cold here in Bailey, CO.  I have been thinking a lot lately about my motivations for this weekly series and for trying to expand my spirituality at this time in my life.  I have decided at this point in time, I am not too much in control of the spiritual road in which I have chosen to take.  Not to say that I am at all unhappy with this path, just a little stumped every now and then.
In one of my earliest MM posts I talked about the sudden onset of a noticeable difference in my sixth sense after a dream I had.  My dreams have always been a source of extra sensory information, and often times very scary.  Then, I had some strange coincidences (which by the way, I really don't believe in) with an astrologer who really shed light on many facets of my life.
Which all led to my reading as many books as I could possibly find on this subject, our extra sensory capabilities as humans.  It's kind of interesting, the more I read, the more questions I wonder about.  Many of the books that I have read (I'd be happy to share a reading list if anyone is interested) are written from the vantage point of that specific medium or psychic or philosopher, etc.; so you get to know the person's story a bit.
In almost all of the books I have read the authors talk about "sensory input overload" in their day to day lives.  Bright light, loud noises and crowds are a huge problem for many of them.  A feeling of being different than others throughout life is commonly noted.  It is almost as if I am reading about myself; it is very reassuring that I am not crazy in thinking that there is more for me to do.
You know, that sounds very egotistical, like I have a higher calling than most; and I really don't mean it that way or even feel that way.  It is more a feeling of expectation and that I may not be living up to my full potential.  If I was given extra senses, what for?  And how do I use them to be a positive, beneficial part of society?
I think I am getting closer to the answers; I would love to work in a healing capacity and help people deal with awkward times in their lives (sort of like what I'm going through-ha!).  I hope it will all come together a little more clearly when I am able to spend time on preparing Judy Jeute's Soul Center, "a networking haven for those who like to do things differently" for its Grand Opening in the spring.  I am listening and learning, but the hardest lesson is to be patient for the next lesson that is given to me.

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