Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas!

Good Morning Readers!!!!  I know that today is a busy day for all of you, including myself.  But, I didn't want the day to go by without me saying Merry Christmas!  I have to tell you a funny story real quick though.  Because Christmas day is so busy with going to the Grandparents house, when Tom and I first started our family it became our tradition to do our gifts to the kids on Christmas Eve.  We have my parents every year, and of course Grandma can't resist bringing a few gifts for the kids as well.  Last night my kids got two packages with socks in them and they each got a package of underwear.  From the sincere ecstatic reaction of all three of them you would have thought those undies and socks were made of gold.  I'm wondering if that is saying something about the way I do laundry.  Nah, it's just a family to be very proud of!  Oh, and I almost forgot.  My oldest, who no longer thinks it's acceptable to hug his mom back, gave me a hug when he got his new snowboard, that's the best gift he could have given me! 
It shouldn't be too hard to make your own miracle today, it's in the air!

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