Monday, October 26, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

"Semi vs. auto..." beeped our scanner, "Confirmed DOA", was one of the last things we heard before we went to bed. As all good small town nosies do, we have a scanner, (really, a lot of us get them in case of forest fire) and there must have been sirens earlier in the day for me to have turned it on, but it had been silent all evening. These are tragic words to hear any time, but in a town the size of Bailey, we knew that one of the families that we love and live with had lost an important part of their world. To say the least, we didn't get much sleep that night.
It was the next morning when we got the call; our dear friend Kevin had been the driver in this truck that you see in the picture. It was his son Jake calling, I could tell that the poor kid was just beside himself, and I was scared to death to ask him any questions. But, when he told me that it was his Dad in that accident last night, I didn't know what to say. Jake heard me start to cry and said "It's okay Judy, he's alive."
You see, this is a family that has been a part of our lives since our boys, both juniors now, were in elementary school together. It wasn't until a couple days later when I took some bread over to them that I finally got the whole story. I had been hoping Tina would be gone, knowing how stressed she must be, but she had just gotten up after a very long night at the hospital. The story absolutely rolled out of her, it was something that she needed to talk about, I figured.
The story really started earlier that week when she had a premonition of her daughter getting in a fatal accident, she had even seen the car and the site of the accident. Like our family, they take these sort of warnings very seriously and she'd been talking to her daughter all week about being extra careful, especially on that specific part of the highway. When Kevin was late that night, Tina knew that something terrible had happened and immediately started calling the hospitals; remember this is all before she even knew the accident had happened. She had been getting ready to head to Denver to look for him herself, when Tina felt Kevin actually holding her hand. She gently tapped her cheek, and then felt his other hand on her shoulder, she knew at that time he was gone. She immediately started pleading with him, she told him how much her and the kids love and need him and that he had to stay with them. During the ten minutes that Kevin was with her, she called a friend and told her that Kevin had been in a terrible accident and was there with her in spirit and to please have her husband (a paramedic, I believe) go find the wreck. She felt his presence leave and headed for the door, it was then that she got the call to head to Swedish hospital, Kevin was on his way there via helicopter.
The crew had pronounced him dead and were flying him to the hospital when one of the flight crew decided to check for a pulse one last time, I can only imagine the shock that man got when he felt a weak pulse! The timing is exact, at the time they "called him" is when he was with Tina at home ten miles away, and when they felt his pulse in that chopper is when Tina felt him leave her.
The accident had happened right where Tina had known it would, she had just seen the wrong car. Until the day I took her that banana bread, neither of us had known that the other had these odd abilities, let alone that these abilities brought only negative news most of the time to both of us. We both kind of laughed, it is so strange and embarrassing to talk about, I think we both felt better, knowing that this stuff scares the crap out of both of us!
I am so very happy that Tina's "gift" allowed her to save her beloved husband's life from more than ten miles away. Love is the most amazing and powerful thing alive, I will never again second guess the strength an emotion like love can have. We all learned very quickly how your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. Give your loved ones a big hug, tell them how important they are, and do so every single you chance you get.
Have a miracle of a day!

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Daisy said...

Miracles - are just that. I'm so glad this miracle was yours to share.