Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ziploc Bags

Good Morning! Although I have missed writing terribly, I have not been sleeping much and therefore am unable to work on the computer. Feeling much better today and am wanting to tell you about my latest trip to the grocery store. As I have mentioned many times in this blog, it is hunting season, which blessedly for me, means it is also time for game processing here at The Royal Ranch. Yes, people, I do my own game processing. After a couple of years of paying a premium price for a sub premium product I decided that I could do a better job myself-gee what a surprise!

As you can imagine, to package that much meat takes a lot of bags/paper. It has been a long time since I have purchased any ziploc bags; as a matter of fact, the last time was probably a couple of years ago when I bought some at Costco. Well, as you know, those last a long time, especially for someone who hates to use them! So, I have been out for quite some time and have not needed to replace them as I have found bread and tortilla bags to be a wonderful alternative to them.

So, you can imagine my dismay when all this time later I go into the baggie aisle, that I rarely visit at my local King Soopers, excited to be blown away by all of the new green biodegradable, eco-friendly bag options I would have to choose from. Guess how many choices I had? That's right, NONE!!! The only eco-friendly bags in the whole store were trash bags, and it didn't seem too green to use a trash sized bag for a roast. There was also no alternative to wrap my meat in. So, my only option was to go with the Hefty bags, and the only reason I chose them was because part of my purchase would go to breast cancer research.

As I left the store, I was even thinking about going to the elementary school and getting butcher paper from there, but I wasn't sure if what the kids use might have different chemicals in it that could leach into our meat. In hindsight I should have asked the meat department for some wrapping paper, I have asked the bakery for fondant before, and they were happy to help. So, we as consumers need to let our needs and wants known. I know that I am not the only one that feels guilty each time a one time use baggy is thrown away!

Have a Miracle of a Day!


Daisy said...

I'm experimenting with the vaccuum ziploc bags this year, hoping that freezing produce in these will help keep the flavor fresh. They're more expensive, though; to butcher an entire animal and store it that way wouldn't be cost effective.

Daisy said...

P.S. The package came! Family said "ew" -- I said "This is great!"