Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rethink Recyclables

Good Morning! I know I just did a post on recycling yesterday, but I thought I'd keep the ball rolling today. I am doing my Spring cleaning a season late, and it is bringing up a lot of recycling opportunities that I haven't thought of before that I would like to share with all of you. Maybe it will give you some ideas to use, and maybe it will give you some ideas of things to share...

The following is a list of items that are in my truck waiting to be hauled to the big city to various recycling facilities. Keep in mind that I do separate any metals and plastics only because I get paid for the metals. The can $ that gets collected from the schools I can then give back, and the $ from here at home I figure covers my fuel for the trip down the hill and buys my one weakness, fast food. Living in, and growing up in the mountains has turned me into a fast food junkie. Thank goodness I live so far away from it, so it is unavailable to me, my hips and thighs!!!

  • multiple five gallon buckets, we have used and reused these until they are no longer usable

  • an aluminum chair frame that is bent, of course I removed the pad and will use it on a different project

  • a few old children's toys that have a triangle on them (recyclable triangle on the bottom)

  • styrofoam packaging that came with my printer; until recently I was unaware that styro was at all recyclable, but I have found a few things, like a few egg cartons, this packaging, etc, that do have the triangle, so look closely.

  • steel poles from an old tent, steel is bringing pretty good $ right now, so take in whatever you can, plus it feels great to get it out of my new barn area!

  • boxes, yes, I know everyone knows cardboard is recyclable, but I see boxes blown around in the wind all the time, just a reminder!!!! Flatten them, reuse the ones you can and recycle the ones you can't. They are also wonderful containers for your recyclables as you can then just toss the whole container in the recycling bin-DONE!

  • Flower pots, like those beautiful hanging pots that have died off and you don't know what to do with now, really, are you going to replant them next Spring? If not, recycle them now before the winds take them to your neighbors who may not recycle at all.

  • Automotive products, now I say this very carefully. These are just the containers for the products, like the EMPTY bottles from the oil changes my husband does on my truck, etc. If they have ANY product left in them, please check out

As I said before, this is just a few ideas, and I would love to hear if you have ideas of some other recyclables that people may not think of on a daily basis. Let's save the world people, one little blog at a time!

Have a miracle of a day!

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