Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Earth 911.com

Good Morning, well, it looks like I'm almost back on schedule!!! You know, the wonderful thing about networking? Sometimes your loved ones do your work for you, and this is one that I just couldn't pass up. As many of you know by now, my Dad is a very talented guy who built a bus that him and my Mom travel around the country in. He has designed a fire suppression system for these high dollar motor coaches that attend the rallies that M&D go to and teach their various classes. His background is as a mechanical engineer, but he has been building "odd" cars and other vehicles my whole life, and when I say odd, I do mean odd. When we were growing up, we would take our family vacations each year in a different vehicle that my Dad had cooked up. One year it was a VW bus that had a Porsche type engine in it, no AC, but by George we got to California quickly-HA! Another year it was a four door truck, and this was way back when four door trucks were unheard of, so his three girls were just mortified! It is really ironic how much I love my four door truck now, don't you think?

Anyway, Dad uses many chemicals in his shop and has always been very careful about the disposal of said chemicals, but I like to think that I have had a little bit of an impression on him and he has gone a step further and is now recycling everything he possibly can. So, you can imagine my joy when I got an e-mail from him the other day about this great website, Earth911.com. The site is chock full of information, my favorite was an article, The 8 Must Do's of Being Green. But, most importantly it has resources to recycle some of the very hard to find things like chemicals, batteries, cfl light bulbs, computers, etc, for any zip code! This site is so full of information it was a little slow to load at first, so be patient, it is definitely worth the wait. Thanks, Dad!

Have a miracle of a day!


Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Hi Judy. Thanks for the credit and the kind words.

You really hit the nail on the head about "odd" vehicles. On the VW bus, I need to correct you a bit. On our trip to CA, the bus had the stock engine and it was a very SLOW trip. When we came home, I put a hopped up Pinto 4 cyl engine in it and we could "fly". The next year we took the bus to the east coast for a 5 week trip. The sad thing was that was 1981 and the speed limit was 55 MPH.

One other story about the California trip. Judy would have been nine. The bus did OK holding our three daughters (they could lay on the camper bed -- before we knew/thought much about seat belts). However, at Disneyland she bought a Mickey Mouse doll that was bigger than she was. Her sisters were NOT happy.

Love, Dad

Royal Ranch said...

Thanks Dad, I had forgotten about our extra passenger on the way back. Boy did I love that Mickey! Thank you so much for letting me bring it back, even if we didn't have the room!!! Love.