Friday, October 2, 2009

A "Small Man's" View

I had to chuckle to myself (yes, Mom, all by myself again) the other day. I was going to my class in town, so I had my truck full of recycling. I had seen this guy coming down the mountain weaving in and out of traffic behind me in his new little smart car, so I couldn't help but take a look when we got to a stop light in Denver. Needless to say, I was a little shocked when I saw the look of superiority and disdain on his face. It took me a couple of minutes to even figure it out. I think this guy was looking at my big diesel truck, full of trash and how un-eco-friendly I was. By the time the light turned green I was laughing out loud, the look of disdain had turned to one of anger and he sped off.

I mean really, how funny, this jackass that speeds up and down the mountain in his imported fad car, in his imported suit and shoes (no, I couldn't see his shoes, but the story isn't as funny without them!) with his disposable Starbucks cup in hand a minimum of five days a week. All the while talking through some contraption on his ear, watching a device on his dash to tell him where he's gone the past four days that week to eat a couple of more disposable meals. This eco-friendly fake out has the right to look at my full to the brim with recyclables, F350 Diesel pickup that does not leave my driveway more than twice a week, with disdain.

I was dressed to the nines that day, you know, in my best Goodwill duds. But all joking aside, I can pull together a very nice look without leaving a carbon footprint to import it. I had my black hoody in the seat next to me at the ready to unload my recyclables of course, but I was sporting a look that even Mr. Butthead would've respected. My ten year old insulated Tupperware cup in it's usual spot in my cup holder I was ready for a day filled with errands since I have to pack everything into my one big trip to the city.

In the mountains in Colorado a car like that just doesn't fit in, at least 80% of cars here are four wheel drives, and rightly so with the types of roads and driveways we deal with. Although it isn't funny, I'm afraid that the electricity that it will take to run the guys' life support machine when he bounces off the windshield of one of those four wheel drives, driving the way he does, is going to be his last big energy expenditure. There is a time and a place for everything. Come on!
That's my truck in the picture, built Ford tough. I love my truck!!!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!