Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Dog Got Skunked!!!

Good Morning! For those of you that missed Metaphysical Monday, it will return, maybe even later this week. I have a story that I want to share with you, but it is not my story, so I need to make sure I get all of the details and permissions to share. So...here it is only Tuesday and I'm already a day behind-Ha!

Sunday morning as I was sitting in front of our wonderful wood stove, I got a whiff of the unmistakable skunk smell. I quickly jumped up to run and let Rosie in, but I was too late! Why they like to chase those things I have no idea, but she got it full force. She smelled soooo bad that I couldn't even let her into the house.

We have had this happen once or twice before and have tried every method that we had ever heard of, to no avail, but I had to do something. So, the only thing I had on hand was a can of tomato soup, I grabbed it and got ready to give old Stinky a bath. One important suggestion, do not wet the animal until you have rubbed the soup in; if you think wet dog stinks, wet skunk is about ten times worse. I'll never forget many years ago I was in Iowa visiting family when my Uncle John hit a skunk, he thought it would be a great idea to take the car through the wash, which only amplified the smell! With both him and my aunt Jaris in the car smoking like trains, I preferred that smell to rolling down the windows!

After dragging the poor wretched dog to the tub, the tomato soup got rubbed in as well as I could possible stand (just to give you a mental picture; I am a gagger and this happened at about 5 in the morning, so my family woke up to the warming sounds of me dry heaving!), and then shampooed her with her regular doggy shampoo (just an animal lover warning here, never use products meant for humans, on your animals!), all the while praying that the smell would come out of the clothes I was wearing.

The good news is that Rosie smells almost back to normal, so the trick I'm pretty sure is to get the dog before the stink has time to settle in! Now, for my clothes and her collar and any towels that I used on her, I used good old vinegar. I washed them all in one load with a ton of vinegar and detergent, I can still smell it very slightly, but at least it is better! So, my best advice is to get to the stink quickly and act aggressively!

Have a miracle of a day!

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Amy Byrne said...

We have used this recipe (from our vet) and it worked like a charm. Knock on wood but we haven't had any skunkings lately but for awhile there, we had a ton. It was crazy. A half cup hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and enough dawn to make a “gravy”. Then wash the pooch. You are absolutely right about the faster you get to it the better.