Monday, October 12, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

My Guardian Angel (the tattoo I got in memory of my Grandma)

I'll never forget the look on Tom's face or the little eye roll I'd get over the head of one of our children after they had just gotten in trouble when they were toddlers. He always gave a small chuckle, and a loving grin along with the eye roll, but none the less, I saw it all the same. No matter how much trouble (and of course there were some whoppers!) they had found themselves into, I would do a bit of scolding, and then say, "and did you get that feeling in your tummy?" A tiny little, hiccuping voice always replied "yes, mommy", and that is when I always went into my spiel about listening to their intuition and how important it was. "That is your body telling you you knew it wasn't right to do that sweetie, you need to listen to your self. That's called your instincts." I would then wrap them in a hug and make sure they understood. I think this is such an important lesson, at the time I told myself I was mostly teaching them because of sexual predators and other childhood dangers, but really, looking back on it, it was the most important life lesson I passed on to them.

Call it intuition, call it instinct, call it your inner spirit, or your spirit guide or even call it God, but it is there for each and every one of us, in our own way. Although I got only 1 comment (thanks Tiffany) from my last metaphysical post, I have decided to continue them, possibly on a weekly basis. As you know from previous posts, I do not like to make any promises, so I will not, because I am still struggling with all of this myself, but am very confident (oh,really?) that this blog is part of this journey, so, my intuition says to keep on sharing.

I really can't believe that it has only been a week since that last post. I have absolutely devoured three books in that time, and have had countless odd happenings. One can read into them whatever one wishes, but for me, it has been a road to some pretty wondrous discoveries. Some very personal and deep soul searching and some very touching and almost humorous events and "coincidences".

I no longer sleep very well, so much (or so little?) so that my family teases me, Tom says we're going to be out of firewood soon since I'm up burning the fire at all hours of the night! But, when I do sleep, I have very vivid dreams, that leave me with very vivid impressions of things I should be doing. All of which I do, and come to find out, they needed to be done. It started with urges to do things, like check out my local used book store, which turned out to be almost entirely metaphysical, then things started to get more specific.

For instance, I was told in my dream to start preparing the ranch. We soon found out that our renters are remodeling a house nearby to buy and will be leaving in the Spring. Actually this is wonderful news for everyone, because I was preparing the ranch like I was told, have big plans for that house, and we are ecstatic for our renters! If any of my dreams bring up questions about the new things that I am learning about, first thing in the morning, I will find the answer in the first book that I pick up. I am reading multiple books at one time right now, which I rarely do, and will go straight to the answer, or at least something that leads me to the answer.
I have known my whole life that I have a "calling" here on this earth, and I say that with no ego, as a matter of fact, until recently I would've said it with a sense of regret, fear, and duty. I am still very unsure of what it is, but at least I am now no longer afraid and am ready to face it head on. Many years ago, when Tom's grandma was dying, I was told by the minister at the hospice, who I had made quite a spiritual connection with, that I had a "way for helping people Pass", and at the time it did not seem like a compliment at all, because we had just lost both of Tom's parents as well. It wasn't all that many years later that I helped my Grandma through her struggle with cancer, that she subsequently lost, so that preachers' words have really stuck with me.
So, for now, I am following my gut instinct and my inner guides with all of my strength. I am meeting the new, wonderful people that are being put in my path, and learning all that I can about this new strong, colorful energy coursing through my body. I'll see where it all leads me from here.

Have a miracle of a day!

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