Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!! Well, it's the middle of the night and I can't get any sleep. I'm not sure if it's half the family being gone hunting or goblins in my dreams, but there will be no shut eye for me. We went to the elementary school for trick or treating last night, it worked out well that they had their night before the actual big day, this way we will get to participate in all sorts of Halloween merriment. We haven't gone to the Halloween Hall in quite a few years, and I had forgotten that's where the community takes the wee little ones, instead of the freezing cold neighborhood my kids make us go to.

It really was a great time for all. My little "dark angel" (no more cutesy little costumes for me, boo hoo!) with her ribbon wrapped coat hanger for a halo, almost broke my heart she was so cute (I'll try and get a pic on tonight's go round). Having the three sixteen year old boys with me was such a wonderful "treat". The little kids really seemed to get a kick out of the big boys and their crazy costumes that they had pulled together in five minutes from my Halloween box.

Although I had to bribe them (food goes a long way with growing boys as far as leverage is concerned), when I reminded Thomas that his beloved little sister would miss out on the haunted house due to my seizure problem (really, why do they all have to have strobe lights-ha!), he smiled and headed for the big box of costumes from years gone by, all prepared to take her. Maybe they just needed an excuse to get dressed up and act like "hooligans" (or is it ghouligans?) one last time, but they were all in the truck waiting for me, pillow cases in hand within a few minutes. The ghost and goblin teachers have known these boys all their lives, and teased them about being veterans, they know what holds the most candy. I'm just hoping the pillow cases started out clean!

Sometimes I am so proud of my family, it almost makes me cry. To watch all of those bitty babies going past in their cute little pumpkin and M&M outfits (my favorite were the twins dressed as a glass of milk and a cookie), many of them still being carried by their hot and tired parents. And the first and second graders that have moved up to princesses and tough guys, really made me think about how much my family has grown. Like I said, no more cutesy for me, as Bella (my youngest) reminded me, this is her second to last school Halloween party ever!

Aaahh... the answer to my sleep issues.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween! Oh, and don't forget to turn your clock back tonight, yea, I get an extra hour to try and sleep tonight.

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