Sunday, November 1, 2009

Royal Ranch Royalty


Good Morning! Here it is another Sunday, and I hope that you all remembered the time change; if only my body would cooperate and use up that extra hour of sleep-ha! Today I am proud to introduce Snickers.

Snickers has been here just over a year, and is settling in quite nicely. He, and his buddy Pepper have a sad story, and it has taken them both some time to get over it, but they are very happy here, and love their packing jobs. Many years ago, when llamas were a big fad thing, a Girl Scout camp here in Colorado (won't mention any butthead names), had a program for their scouts that included llamas. Well, when this was no longer a fad (I run into this problem a lot), they just decided to let Snickers and Pepper loose in the woods. Four years later, a co-worker at our campground jobs, got a job at the camp, and let us know about the llamas. As usual, Tom loaded up the trailer and off we went.

Our friend had been able to coax them into a pen, and told us to get them ASAP. We arrive at the camp and there is not one person in sight. Luckily I had thought ahead to bring extra halters, and Tom and I started the rodeo of haltering these two boys who had been wild for four years. I was so glad that Tom was with me that day, because Snickers is the biggest llama we have ever worked with, and with a neck that long, I just could not reach his head to slip the halter over it. It is amazing what a little patience and quiet understanding can accomplish, it wasn't even a half hour before we had them loaded and ready to go. Still no one in sight.

We sat and waited, and finally I got mad and went in search of some one. The people that I found were only seasonal workers, and the only information they had on the boys was their names; at that point I felt lucky to get that even. To this day, I could swear I heard a sigh of relief come from that trailer when we headed down the road, on our long trek home.

Snickers was so large I was a little worried about Marcel (my lead llama), and that Snickers would take over his position in the hierarchy, but I think Snickers was so glad to be here, in a safe environment, that he didn't care who his boss was. The bond between him and Pepper is really a wonder to watch. They are inseparable and count on one another for companionship and protection, Snickers being the protector, and Pepper is the guard; always on the look out for danger.

We feel very blessed to have these animals in our lives. Although I have seen some terrible things, rescuing animals all of these years, but the love of an animal whose life you have saved is incomparable. The fact that these boys now trust us with their lives, and are able and willing employees adds to our love for animals, and benefits our businesses. Now that's a win win situation!

Have a miracle of a day!

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Daisy said...

Oh, my. I can't imagine the heartlessness of letting an animal loose to fend for itself. How lucky these llamas are to have a good home now!