Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Election Day

Good Morning! I just got finished filling out my ballot, which spurred me to write this post, instead of running my pumpkin recycling ideas, but I can do that tomorrow... Today is election day. Although there are only two issues on our small town ballot, they are important ones; new elections for the school board, and a measure for our emergency response system. But, it doesn't really matter if there are only two, or twenty ballot measures, election day is a way to get your voice heard, and support our great country.

Did you know that there are women still alive that remember a time when they couldn't vote? That's because women didn't get the right to vote until August 1920. What? That's less than ninety years ago! In the past (before mail in only elections), we would take the kids with us to the little community center where we vote, and it usually turned out to be a community get together. But, the important part was to instill in our kids the patriotism that is attached with the responsibility that goes along with every single vote.

In the most recent election (oh boy, don't get me started with that-ha!) we knew a gal who was so devoted to her party, but didn't like her candidate, that she chose not to vote at all. I've got to tell you, this made me mad. I believe it is not only our civic duty, but a well fought for privilege to vote. So, go dig through that pile on the counter, find your ballot, and get it where it needs to be by 7:00. Oh, and wear that flag sticker they give you with great pride!

Have a miracle of a day!

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