Monday, November 9, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great, restful weekend. It is time to dive right into our Metaphysical Monday already! My antique (got it from Tom's Grandma, very cool) Webster's dictionary defines metaphysical as "of, or having the nature of metaphysics; of the nature of being or essential reality", don't you hate it when they use part of the word in the definition? Well, here is the definition for metaphysics in that same old dictionary "the branch of philosophy that deals with first principles and seeks to explain the nature of being or reality and of the origin and structure of the world", and my free online dictionary has nothing new to say.

To be honest, I was hoping that in the last 50 or so years, they came up with something a little more definitive and friendlier sounding. I don't know much about first principles, but I do understand "seeking to explain the nature of being or reality". Aren't we all? To understand where we come from and how it affects where we are going and where we want to be in our lives is something that we all strive for. How do our life experiences affect our future, and how will our future affect even the further distant future?

With all of the research I have been doing lately on all things metaphysical I have come across the same thing again and again. The idea that we, as humans, have complete control over our own destiny. Now, I don't mean to say that if you are going through a hard time in life, that it is your fault. As a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite, it is how a person deals with conflict and bumps in the road, that determines how future problems arise. To deal with things unknown can be scary for anyone, but to take a lesson away is all we can be expected to do.

Whether it be numerology, astrology, tarot cards, or working independently with your own Spirit Guides can lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle and to better inner peace. It is all about making conscious decisions, reaffirming those choices, and then having total faith that the universe will work with you accordingly. I am by no means suggesting that everyone change their own personal beliefs, and come to the metaphysical side. Again, on the contradictory. I believe that no matter where your "spiritual path" leads you, that is the path that you need to follow, as long as you do it with all of your heart.

I have also found that a deep appreciation for what you already have, can lead to the things that we are all striving for; wealth, health or even love. Giving back to others can only lead to things coming back, I believe, triple fold. I also think it is a great idea to come up with your own personal prayer or affirmation, and then say it every single day. That is the best way to let the universe know how serious you are about whatever it is you are praying for and would like a little help with. This can be as simple as "Please mighty Spirit, help my body heal", to something much more in depth. Always start any affirmation with some sort of appreciation, ask for what you want, get a very strong picture in your mind (visualize it and it will come...), thank him/her again for their wisdom and prepare for a feeling of peace to wash over you. It is such a relief to know that I always have assistance and guidance just waiting to be tapped into.

Take just a few minutes every day, for yourself and for your family. Connect with the spiritual system that speaks to you, and believe with all of your mind and soul that it is out there just for you, waiting to assist you in whatever way necessary. Have a miracle of a day!

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