Monday, November 23, 2009

Metaphysical Monday

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend and are excited about the short week with a holiday thrown in! I had the most unbelievable weekend; Saturday was my birthday, and we had very special visitors at our ranch yesterday. But, since today is my regular Metaphysical Monday, and I was excited about today's post as well as telling you about our great visitors, you will have to check back in tomorrow to see who our guests were. I'll give you a starts with HG and ends with TV, no, no, I'm not giving you any more info-ha! Now I know you have to come back!

So, back to my birthday. A few months ago when I first started really studying the Metaphysical world, I went into my local book store and was surprised to find out that it is almost entirely metaphysical. That in itself was a pleasant surprise, but on the counter was a flyer for a psychic that was doing readings. I got that feeling in my stomach, you know the one that I talk about quite often in these posts? The feeling that something inexplicable is going on around you, and that you're somewhat of a pawn in a much bigger game? Yes, that's the feeling I got, and before I could even read further, I knew that the readings were scheduled for my birthday.

Now, I have never been to a psychic, and have often thought that many of them are simply pulling on the heart strings of people who are really reaching for something, maybe even anything. But, with all of the upheaval that I was experiencing in my spiritual quest, I felt it was time to at least see how it is done. I did as much research on the guy as I possibly could and talked the old man into coming with me.

You see, Tom is on the fence about this whole metaphysical thing. His very logical brain has a hard time with a lot of it, but living with me, he can't deny that some very strange things happen around here. He is afraid of it, I think, he talks a lot about what if something negative comes from my guides (or a psychic), will I believe it and how will it affect our lives? What if the death card (metaphorically speaking) is played or something?

I have tried quite a few times to explain that the communication with Spirit Guides is never negative. They are there to do just what their title says, guide. Not scare us, or make us feel afraid to live, or afraid to die. They are simply here to help get us through the maze of life. So, I knew that if the psychic had anything at all negative, than he wasn't for real or at the very least, not talking with my guides. I guess I should not say "anything at all negative", because of course we would all want to know if our guides felt that there was avoidable danger; but again, to me that seems like positive news.

To be honest, the whole reason I wanted to go was to test myself. A person who has the ability to connect with their Spirit Guides always feels as if they are making it up, I know for sure I do. I have read this in many of the books as well. Often times the stuff that comes through is not at all clear, sounds like a familiar voice, but mostly information just gets into our brains, we don't know where it comes from, it is just there. So it leaves me with plenty of questions. Am I crazy, or does this really happen to other people? Am I just making it all up and remembering things I didn't know I knew? So, like I said, I figured this was as good as time as any to check it all out. I was also very curious if he would say anything about me having "powers"

Well, the deck was stacked against the guy. He had no hope against my naughty Spirit Guides. I could almost hear them laughing as this poor man struggled through probably one of the worst readings he's ever had. I'm pretty sure he was getting something, and that was a big brick wall. In my mind I kept hearing over and over again that I did not need this guy in the middle, and my communication with my guides was going along just fine.

I almost had to bust out laughing, the psychic just kept saying "I'm having a hard time getting anything"; I, on the other hand was getting plenty of input. They did allow him a few bits of information, but it was all stuff we had already done. We pretty much just ended up talking about publishing books, something we both had in common. The fact that he told us he couldn't get much makes me believe that he is probably legit, just blocked. From the laughing and voices I heard in my mind, I found out that my guides really have a sense of humor. I even looked at Tom multiple times, afraid that he could hear the jokes as well, that's how clearly this was all coming through.

But most importantly, I learned from this session. I learned that I am definitely not crazy, or making things up. I feel strongly that my guides pointed me down that path to teach me a lesson about listening to myself. I am the only one that can take this journey, and that I will learn everything I need to know in due time. I also learned that at least one of my guides is a rebel like me. Now that made me really proud!


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