Sunday, November 15, 2009

Royal Ranch Royalty

Look at that snow!
That's my boy!

They even sounded good playing, with frozen
hands and all.

Now, that's dedication.

Platte Canyon High School Marching Band
dancing Thriller

Good Morning!!! Well, there is a foot of snow on the ground, and the Bronco's play today, so I am one happy camper. To lay around snacking and not feeling guilty about not working is a luxury I very rarely take. Since it's such an inside out day, I thought I'd shake up Royal Ranch Royalty a little bit. While I still plan to introduce you to our various critters around here, I would like to broaden my horizon a bit. I am going to also spotlight people or events or organizations or... who I feel deserve to be Royalty for a week. Today I am so proud to aim that shining light on The Platte Canyon High School Marching Band, directed by Jesse Walters and of course, featuring my son Nathan Jeute on the quad toms.

I have mentioned this band and director before, but yesterday their half time show was way above and beyond. As you see by the pictures, half time was practically a blizzard and those kids and Jesse went out onto that field like Champs. Not only that, but they laid down their instruments in the snow covered field and danced Thriller, by Michael Jackson! To see this crowd, full of what I lovingly call Mountain Hillbilly's, on their feet, cheering at the very original "marching band" performance, warmed my heart more than the sun could have if it had chosen to come out, which it didn't.

The Platte Canyon Huskies are in the playoffs, being the only undefeated team, and we were host to the first play off game yesterday. The town really gets into their high school football, and again as I have mentioned, our Sheriff Fred Wegener, calls the game. Blessedly I was working the Dawg House (our Husky version of a concession stand), and was not sitting in the snow most of the time. But, there were plenty of people who were, and were having a great time doing it. The players are outstanding this year, and almost all of our games have ended in a shut out! Really keeps the crowd pumped.

I had heard about the band practicing for the Thriller dance, and had gotten a real chuckle out of the fact that the director, Jesse, had put it to vote whether he should dance with the kids or not. It was, of course, overwhelmingly voted that he perform as well. So, out there in the middle of a couple of inches of snow, they danced. And they did it with marching band pride. Man I love this little town...

Make a miracle today!
PS Thank you Teri Ferradino for the great pics!


Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Way to go Nathan!!!

Love PaPa

Kelly said...

Tell Nathan I'm sure proud of him! Also tell him that I'll be anxious to see his dance moves!