Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sharing The Love

Good Morning! Last week I was at my favorite little gas station/convenience store, and I couldn't help but bust out laughing. They had these rejected bananas on the counter that they were trying to sell. I chuckled and told the gals that those looked like banana bread makings, not a lunch item. They said none of them bake, and of course I do, so they happily dumped the basket of bananas into a bag, and handed them over. This got me thinking....

So, Sunday when I already had all of my baking stuff out for my pumpkin pie and bread, I decided to pull those bananas out of the freezer and make that too. The free bananas were enough for five loaves of bread, which meant that I had plenty to share. I took the first loaf to the nice gals who had given me the bananas, and the second one went to one of our very favorite people here in town.

There is a lady at our local hardware store who knows everything about everything. I mean this gal can take any obscure old broken piece of hardware, and build you a new piece right before your very eyes; all the while trying to save you a buck. She spends her days off volunteering at the local library. And, do you know what she said when I told her that Tom and I thought she did her job so well, and how much we appreciate her expertise? She said "Oh, we all do our jobs well, I can't wait to share this with the guys."

My next stop was my favorite feed store. In a small town like this, and with as much ranch feed as we go through, we have become close friends with the owners. They are great people, but above all, they are huge horse lovers. Last week they lost one of their favorite horses, very unexpectedly, and they were absolutely crushed. I'm not sure if banana bread makes that much difference in a situation like that, but it was worth a shot.

I had to pop in to the propane company to make a payment, so what the heck. We have worked with these guys for close to twenty years, and Tom went to high school them, so the pie that I took them, handily right at lunch time (no I didn't do this part on purpose), brought a smile to their hungry faces. Actually, I teased them, that theirs was only a bribe to not charge me interest from Friday to Monday-LOL!

Well, I couldn't help but try it out, you know, to make sure it was okay to take around town, so we kept one loaf. Now I have one in the freezer for the next person who pops into mind. I had a wonderful day, and I hope I made each of those special friends' day just a little bit better. From one act of random kindness, by the receiving of free bananas, to a town full of workers and business owners who know how much we appreciate them. Maybe I should hit the other two businesses next week-Just Kidding!

Have a miracle of a day!


Daisy said...

I love it when kindness spreads!

pshepherd said...

I was hoping we were on your list of recipients (smile). I love you, Mom

Kelly said...

What a great day! We all need to remember to do these little things!