Saturday, November 7, 2009

Discovering Our Options

Good Morning! I know that you are all probably really sick of hearing me brag about my kids, but this post is one that you'll want to read if you have kids. You see, my oldest son, Thomas, has been having a really hard time with his Calculus class. He is planning on going to the School of Mines for anything math and science related, and had taken Calc as an elective because he can't imagine life without a math class. He has already gotten all of his math credits, by the time he is a junior, so to us, Calc was the only alternative.

The teacher of that class happens to be one that Tom had when he was going to school there, so we really came into it with high hopes. Actually Thomas was a little worried that she would hold Tom's behaviour against him-ha! But, whatever the case, things have not gone well. Thomas has really struggled through and was having physical symptoms of severe stress, like migraines and chest pains-no big deal!!! I mean, I was beside myself that this kid of mine was suffering so badly, and there really wasn't a darn thing I could do about it.

When I spoke with the teacher things just got worse, and we were about to the point we were going to pull him from the class. What bothered Thomas the most, was that he would not have a math class to take for the rest of his time at the school, or until that teacher retired (ha!) to take his beloved math classes. So, we decided to get the counselor involved to see what we could do about re-arranging his schedule. Although our school is very small, they do offer a wide variety of great classes, just with a limited amount of teachers, so scheduling can be a little tricky.

This was probably the best thing that has ever happened to my boy. After talking with the counselor myself by phone, and then her talking with Thomas at school, we have come up with an ingenious plan. Thomas will finish out this semester of Calc at his school, and they have changed his schedule for early dismissal next semester so he will take a college math class at Red Rocks Community College! Thomas will be starting his two year program with Red Rocks, which has a program to lead you directly into the School of Mines, early and we'll be saving money!

When I got off the phone with that counselor I was so happy. Thomas had been getting to a point where I was really worried that we were losing his attention. Saying things like how he couldn't wait to get out of school and get a job; or how school "sucks so bad", this coming from one of the most intelligent people I know, and that's not just his moms opinion! Thomas came home from school that day with a gleam of excitement that I have not seen in quite some time.

Not only will he be getting the stimulation he needs, but he will get a high school credit and a college credit. He will be starting his college classes a year and a half early, and best of all, after he passes the class, our school district will reimburse us for the tuition! Thomas and I both were saying "why didn't anyone tell us this sooner?", so I wanted to pass it along. Even my little genius had said that he was so glad he knew why he had been having such a hard time in that class, it was to point him in a new and more exciting direction!

Have a miracle of a day!

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Daisy said...

Those physical symptoms of stress can be so scary! I'm glad you were able to work it out - heck, more than work it out!