Sunday, October 11, 2009

Royal Ranch Royalty

This is a pic we use to advertise The Royal Roost,
people always ask if the dog is included!
Our three girls
Rosie, Lily and Gigi

Good Evening! I think this is the first time I have ever written that! I didn't want to miss out on my weekly series, introducing all of you to one of my Royal Ranch Royalty. Since I have mentioned her so many times in this blog, I figured it was high time that Gigi was Royalty of the week.

Gigi is a Papillon/Sheltie mix that we inherited from my Grandma, who all of the great grand kids called GG (for Great Grandma). Actually we bought Gigi for Grandma, and then when she became ill with cancer and was no longer able to take care of her, we brought her here to the ranch to live with us.

It is quite a funny story as my Grandma had already been diagnosed with the cancer, but had great hopes of beating it. We were looking for rescue dogs, but as lots of elderly people are, Grandma was very particular about her dogs. I was looking for something older, and she was not. When she kept insisting on younger dogs, we bought her the papillon pup for Valentine's Day. I didn't want her getting a puppy with someone else's bad training on top of it! She named her Heidi, and the love that blossomed was immediate.

I went down often for training sessions, so Heidi and I became fast friends. It was not long before we realized that our papered Papillon puppy was no purebred, but we all loved her so much, we didn't care. Sadly enough, Heidi only got to live with Grandma for 4-6 months before she came to be a ranch dog, so her bigger size worked out for the best.

The kids were so saddened that GG had to lose her friend that they changed Heidi's name to Gigi, with GG's permission, of course. It didn't take long for her to settle right in and learn to love life here in the mountains. Even from the day we first picked her up, she has had a strong attachment to me, and it has grown stronger every day. There is not a moment that my Gigi is not by my side (unless of course I can't take her with me!).
Have a miracle of an evening!

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