Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giving and Getting from Goodwill

Grandma's Chair
My second hand treasure!
(the chair not the cat)

Wow! Look at the detail on this table!

Good Morning! I've got to tell you, Goodwill is my favorite place to shop, ever! Could there be a cooler way of recycling? I think not. I have found so many treasures at Goodwill (only because that is the best thrift store near me...) that I have long since lost track of the number. I always find something unusual, and it is almost always an item that I didn't even know I needed.

One of my favorite finds is a wing back chair. It was when I was decorating my office, and even before I walked in the door, I got a tingle, just to keep my eyes open. As I'm weaving my way to the back, I spotted the chair. I had been looking for a chair to complement one that I had inherited from my Grandma, and there sitting in front of me was an almost identical match! Grandma had her chair reupholstered years ago in a crushed velvet that is rose in color, at the time, I was not too fond of the color, so you can imagine my surprise to find the same fabric on a chair the same exact size and shape. Not only that, but the chair was marked at $13, Grandma's birthday and favorite number; all of the other chairs were marked at $20, at least. Definitely, a chair that belonged with us.
Just this last weekend the kids and I went in to town and stopped into my favorite Goodwill to look for Halloween costumes. Not only did we hit the jackpot in costume pieces, but my son pointed out a cool ceramic table. It is one of the oddest tables I have ever seen, and in most houses would be gaudy as heck, but in my eclectic ranch it fits in perfectly. As a matter of fact, I was on the alert for furniture to put in my studio when our renters move out, and this table has the spiritual look and feel that I am going for.

One of my favorite "rules" I have put in place for myself, is to always try and drop things off when I go into buy new things. Donating has become a drive through affair, and couldn't be simpler, drop my stuff off, head around the parking lot, and feel a little less guilty for bringing new junk into my crowded home. Even the boys, who hate the whole wearing someone else's clothes thing, have come to love things like basketball shorts and pj pants from my second hand sources.

The best way to approach a thrift store is to have items that you need in mind, but to always keep your eyes open for the unexpected surprise find. Like yarn, decorative pillows, nice blankets, antique textiles, or antique furniture that you can breathe a little love into and repurpose into a new family treasure. Like I said, thrift store shopping is the ultimate, and funnest form of recycling that I can think of. I'd love to hear stories of great finds from my fabulous readers, so....

Have a miracle of a day.

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Daisy said...

We have a wingback much like yours, even a similar color. It was a throw-away from the lobby at Hubs' workplace, and he salvaged it. At the present time the chair lives in my daughter's apartment; it's perfect for a college kid!