Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oil Spill...In the Midwest?!?!

 Thank you Huffington Post for the photo

Oh no, not again!  Another worst for our country.  They are calling it the largest oil spill in Midwest history.  You know, I really like making history, but this is getting ridiculous!  

As you, my oh so dedicated readers know, I write for another blog on Tuesdays, Green Spot-On.  Well, the home of Green Spot-On sits pretty darn close to where this disaster is.  So just hours after I posted last night, an open letter to readers was posted about this horrific event by my friend, follower (here at RR, thanks Khrys) , and co-worker at GSO.

So I was assuming I have just been out of the loop or something and immediately got on my regular news networks.  Well, it's on page four or so of my Denver news, what the hell?  I then do a Google search and read that the Governor says that she feels that the response was "anemic".  Did we not just learn our lesson?

It appears that a 30 inch pipeline from 1969 was leaking for a few hours before it was even reported, and then it broke.  Close to a million, and I did read a million in one article, of gallons of oil have spilled into the Kalamazoo River.  Canada Geese and fish have already been seen to be affected, let alone the long term affects on the wildlife.  Twenty families are out of their homes due to environmental hazards like benzene.

Good lord people, wake up and smell the sun shine and the wind blowing, I'm just sayin'...


Khrys said...

Thank you so much for posting to your blog about this! My sister JRouse is talking with people there and is planning on volunteering along with some other wildlife rehabbers from her area. The biggest problem at this time is the different agencies appearing to have problems playing nicely together. Many people are trying to volunteer but not alot are being allowed to help just yet. Meanwhile, the dam that they were trying to stop the oil from getting past has already been breached, our biggest fear is that the oil will make it all the way to Lake Michigan.

The Circle D Wildlife Refuge we have posted about on GreenSpot-On has already recieved 12 geese, a muskrat and a swan as of tuesday afternoon. 1 of the geese has passed away since. The people at Circle D have been working nonstop to try and save these animals and it all is coming out of pocket. Now while they will not be able to save all of the animals in distress, there are many ways that we can help! Donations are very useful for a place like Circle D! We will keep everyone updated as we hear more! Thanks again for your support and please feel free to comment on GSO and ask questions!

Daisy said...

Michigan just doesn't need any more disasters. The state is suffering enough in this economy; a disaster like this spill is terrible. Thank you for spreading the word!