Monday, July 26, 2010

Metaphysical Monday

Although it is Monday, I don't have much "metaphysically" to report.  I think I'm too tired.  What a wonderful weekend with my sister's kids!  Yesterday I had a really tough Yoga/Pilates workout, which is going to really help my back.  I found a gal who comes to the house, cheaper than any PT, and kicks my butt to stabilize the muscles around my damned spine, and every other muscle for that matter.  It's a start.

Speaking of MM, I got so excited when I posted about my altar, I forgot to mention that it is of course, a work in project.  As a matter of fact, last week when the kids and I were working at the food pantry, Nathan and Isabella came in from a trip to the dumpster, all smiles, with the most beautiful hawk feather I have ever seen.  Well, that's not all that fair, because it's only the second one I've ever seen up close, and it is from my kids, I'm just sayin... But it is beautiful, and it has this soft downy stuff at the bottom, very special. 
The feather on the top is the one the kids found, it is a wing feather of a Red-tailed Hawk, while the  tail feather below is one that I found recently on a hike with my sister.
I feel quite a strong connection with the Red-tailed Hawk.
Now, on that note, if I was reading this blog (and of course did not know what a totally cool person I really am), my first smart ass thought would be "Damn, this girl mentions her volunteering a lot, and links back to herself a lot.  She must really like herself."  I want to talk about that for a second, because I mention the places where we find the feathers because I think that it has karmic value.  And yes, I am proud of the fact that I volunteer, and that is what this blog is about (you know green living, and "making a difference"?), so it is something that you will find linked to again and again.  I am very committed to teaching our children, and I do mean all of our children, about community service, and it's karmic value, and I have found that I can teach by "doing" better than "saying".  So when I can, I do.

So for a gal that doesn't have much to say on this Metaphysical Monday, I, as usual came up with a little something-ha!  Don't forget to make a miracle today and everyday. 

Oops! It's Monday evening and I almost forgot to post this!  Hope your day was great!

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lfhpueblo said...

I think it's great you volunteer, so mention it all you want.